Byron Leftwich Is A “Trend”

September 24th, 2009

Joe has stated before he’s not into fantasy football. Joe has nothing against fantasy football, it’s just that Joe has trouble connecting big, sweaty dudes to a fantasy. It’s not Joe’s cup of tea.

That written, Tiffany Simons, who through rigorous research Joe believes was a Florida State cheerleader, and somebody named Gregg Rosenthal, discuss in this NBC Sports video how Bucs quarterback Byron Leftwich would be a good pickup for one’s fantasy football team.

This video didn’t hold much value for Joe, other than for him to gawk as the lovely Ms. Simons. Now, about fantasies…

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2 Responses to “Byron Leftwich Is A “Trend””

  1. Ted Toleson Says:


    Gregg Rosenthal writes for Mike Florio over at

  2. Joe Says:

    Sarcasm Ted. Sarcasm.