Could Noise Be Factor On Sunday?

September 24th, 2009

Offensive coordinator Greg Olson says his unit needs to better prepare for crowd noise on the road. Joe thinks they also should prepare for what's coming at home Sunday.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Bucs offensive coordinator Greg Olson shook his head thinking back to false start penalties and a fumbled snap against Buffalo.

Olson said the Bucs weren’t as focused as they needed to be in the hostile environment.

“We didn’t handle the noise. We went into the game saying that would be a critical component¬†in order for us to win,” Olson said. “We have to work on that certainly, before we go on the road to the next away stadium.”

Joe believes the Bucs should start working on that right now.¬†Don’t wait another moment. The sad reality is that the Bucs can expect about 20,000 Giants fans at Sunday’s home game. And last Joe checked 20,000 people can make plenty of noise.

Throw in the distraction of the visiting team being cheered on your home turf and the huge pockets of blue in the stands, and the Bucs might want to get serious about recognizing the new home-game climate at the CITS.

Earnest Graham already acknowledged the expected volume of Giants fans, and Jermaine Phillips apparently was not prepared to handle Cowboys fans.

Joe’s calling on Olson to get his offense ready to hear a lot of noise on third down if the game is tight.

One Response to “Could Noise Be Factor On Sunday?”

  1. james from dunedin Says:

    If Giant fan is fired up like last time they were here it will be ugly at the cits.