Gaines Adams Almost Benched

September 24th, 2009

Joe belatedly came across a story from Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune that Raheem the Dream went to bed Sunday night with the expectation that Gaines Adams would be benched.

But Raheem the Dream changed his mind after consulting with his coaches.

Morris wouldn’t say what his plans are should Adams fail to respond, but a reduction in playing time and a demotion to the second team are possibilities.

Both of those options were discussed during Morris’ meeting with Adams, where the prime objective was to learn precisely how the Bucs can get the most out of their third-year starter

“It was more to find out how to help him,” Morris said. “Whether he’s getting too many snaps and maybe needs to be a part-time player right now and have success doing that first.

“Whether he’d be better off coming in fresh, or if he just needs to play as hard as he can in practice and take that to the field on Sunday. We’re really just trying to figure out how he can use all his tools, all his weapons.”

It’s possible that Adams is a one-trick pony: third down specialist in passing situations where he can run around the opponent’s offensive line by way of Seffner and get to the quarterback just as he releases the ball.

That’s an awful huge chuck of Bryan and Joel’s cash to give to a part-time player.

One Response to “Gaines Adams Almost Benched”

  1. mr. Lucky Says:

    Maybe Gaines has a career as a bodyguard – he’s always invisible in a crowded field so… 😉