Bucs Pick Up A Defensive End

September 6th, 2009

Joe loves his readers. When Joe has to leave his home for whatever reason, it seems his readers look out for him.

A poster tipped Joe off to the fact the Bucs may have signed rookie free agent Maurice Evans off waivers. 

The former stud defensive end at Penn State was signed by the Giants as a free agent and lasted until this weekend. That’s not a big knock on Evans as the Giants are loaded with defensive linemen.

The Bucs have nothing about this signing on their website but Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger (which Joe thought was out of business) has this information on his Twitter account .

Evans was a monster two years ago for JoePa but after getting busted for the hippie lettuce was suspended by JoePa for the first three games of 2008, lost his starting gig to Aaron Maybin, and never really matched the success he had in 2007.

The story behind the bust is rather humorous if not profoundly moronic. Seems Evans and other Penn State players held a party at their apartment. So far, so good. Some dork decides to call the cops because the party is too loud (must have been a math major).

The cops show up and want to look inside the apartment. The players, stupidly, say “No, go get a warrant.” Real dumb. Not only do you piss off the cops, who may have given you a break because you played for JoePa, they go wake up a judge (who is equally pissed now) and get a warrant signed.

In the meantime, what made this move moronic was that the players had plenty of time to get rid of their stash since the cops were outside and not leaving. Instead, they leave their stash on the coffee table.

So when the cops get the warrant, enter the apartment… well, what have we here?

Joe hopes that Evans has decided to stop smoking left-handed cigarettes, learned a basic grasp of civics, and somehow regains his form from college two years ago when he tormented the likes of Tyler Donovan.

In honor of the signing of Evans, who can also play the 3-4 defense — ruh, roh — Joe is going to watch the Penn State game over Akron from yesterday with a cold Caybrew in hand.

One Response to “Bucs Pick Up A Defensive End”

  1. Westcoastbucsfan Says:

    Now T-Jack has someone to hangout with after practice…..let’s just hope this isn’t the calling card of the Dream’s legacy in Tampa.