Jagodzinski Guy Makes Practice Squad

September 6th, 2009

Ryan Purvis is officially a Bucs tight end. He was among seven named this weekend to the practice squad. The Bucs have one more spot to fill.

The Bucs were busy today filling out their practice squad. That’s the group of eight young, inexperienced guys who get paid about $90,000 for the season to impress coaches, hit the weight room and simulate the Bucs’ opponent and land top shelf women.

Not bad work if you can get it.

In addition to Maurice Evans, whose genius Joe described earlier, now Buccaneers are CB Kyle Arrington, DT Rashaad Duncan, RB Kareem Huggins, OL James Lee, WR Patrick Carter, WR Mario Urrutia and TE Ryan Purvis. One spot remains open.

Joe was intrigued by undrafted rookie tight end Purvis, a Jeff Jagodzinski guy out of Boston College who was one of Matt Ryan’s favorite targets at BC and considered a strong pro prospect in 2007.

Purvis’ performance fell considerably in his senior year in 2008, and he landed in Bucs camp.

Joe caught up with the 6-4, 255-pound tight end after he made the Bucs’ practice squad on Sunday.

Joe: You had a couple of good catches in the final preseason game against Houston. But you’re pretty much a mystery to Bucs fans. What should fans know about you?

Ryan Purvis: I catch the ball. I kind of pride myself on that. …I”ve got three great tight ends ahead of me right now. It’s a great opportunity to develop my complete game. It’s a great experience and opportunity to get into the tight ends room with this group. I’ll work hard.

Joe: You’ve already spent time in preseason with the Bucs three veteran tight ends. Talk about that.

Purvis: It’s been really nice because they’re all good at different things. Kellen [Winslow] and Jeremy Stevens are great receivers and [John] Gilmore’s a great blocker. Kellen’s been exceptional on teaching me to read defenses. …And Gilmore on learning to get into people and block at this level.

Joe: Jeff Jagodzinski was your head coach at Boston College. What was your relationship with him and did you feel your chances to make the Bucs took a blow when he was fired?

Purvis: I had a great relationship with him for two years at Boston College. I know he had a hand in bringing me in here. I wasn’t concerned when he left. I really didn’t think that it would affect me or that I would be evaluated differently.

Joe: So after being undrafted you’ve now got a spot in the NFL. How do you feel? What did you do when you got the news?

Purvis: It’s been a long road since my bowl game [against Vanderbilt] to Pro Days through the draft to right now. It’s a great feeling. … I called my parents right away and they were having a Labor Day party back home and some family was over. I told them all I’d be sticking around and they’d have a place to visit when it gets cold back home this winter.

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