Bucs Fans In Panic Mode

September 21st, 2009

It seems as if Bucs fans are freaking out over the awful start of the season and are going to extremes in hopes of  reversing the Bucs fortunes.

Sorry if Joe is a tad late on this, but if something happens over a football weekend, it better be big or Joe doesn’t know about it. From the time Joe gets off work on a Friday until he goes to bed on a Sunday night, there’s one thing on Joe’s brain and one thing only: football.

Well, actually, there’s one other thing.

So Joe didn’t know this until this morning but apparently some Bucs fans, disturbed over how the season has begun, have already taken matters into their own hands in an attempt to push the Bucs into the win column, or at least help Gaines Adams record a sack.

They are sacrificing animals.

Per Luiz Perez of the St. Petersburg Times, headless chickens and a goat were found on the east side of the Courtney Campbell Parkway.

“They’re all headless. It’s extremely grotesque,” Walker said.

The animals were found on the sand near the edge of Old Tampa Bay.

The discovery is under investigation, but is not known to be a criminal matter, Tampa police Lt. Brian Dugan said. There are no witnesses.

It’s not uncommon for goats and chickens to be associated with ritualistic killings, Hillsborough County Animal Services spokeswoman Marti Ryan said.

The headless chickens sounds Haitian, voodoo. Hey, if it works, it works but it sure as hell didn’t work yesterday.

The goat thing has been tried by moron Cubs fans. Lord knows that hasn’t worked either.

One Response to “Bucs Fans In Panic Mode”

  1. Chris D Says:

    No panic mode here. I won’t lie I posted here I had us winning this one. But Im not surprized how we are playing. With 30 mill under cap how else did you think this team would play with no depth Bucs fans? Some of the starters are at back-up level ie Ian Black. Some are true football players ie Geno Hayes. What is killing us is no depth and our Oline is proof. Oline tired late in both games? Can’t pick-up DT stunts. UP THE MIDDLE?! Leftwich is doing great IMO with the Oline playin like it is. Leftwich has got/earned my respect THE TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS OLINE better start feeling that way! 2ndary…we need TJax back.