Many Things Wrong With Bucs

September 21st, 2009

Vacation Man of isn’t exactly a Negative Nancy. So when he is even ripping the Bucs, it makes Joe take notice.

It almost seems as if Vacation Man is suggesting that Raheem the Dream is over his head. Joe’s not suggesting that, but it seems Vacation Man is.

They simply went up to Buffalo and got beat by a team that may or may not be any good. Did you really expect anything else?

The Bucs don’t like to use the word “rebuilding’’, but it’s clear that’s exactly what they’re doing in just about every area. Yeah, Byron Leftwich put up some pretty decent numbers, but that’s not really what the Bucs are looking for. Leftwich is a bridge to Josh Freeman, who is the future of this franchise.

But it is obvious there are some other things this franchise needs to work on, long before Freeman takes the field. If Raheem Morris’ plan is going to work, the Bucs need to be able to run the ball consistently and play good defense.

Joe’s not willing to throw out the proverbial baby with the bath water. If the Bucs are to be a strong team for years to come, Joe’s willing to suck it up this year.

Saying Raheem the Dream may not work out after just two games, well, Joe thinks that’s jumping the gun.

Are there problems? Of course. But let’s take a deep breath first.

4 Responses to “Many Things Wrong With Bucs”

  1. MattAttack Says:

    The giants are going to rip us apart next week….this is a bad year to have a tough schedule….

  2. The_Buc_Realist Says:

    I tried to tell you Joe. What I want to know is how many snaps in practice is Freeman and Johnson getting?. I am not saying they we play them on Sundays. My question is can’t Leftwich take sacs and through picks without taking all the snaps during practice?

  3. james from dunedin Says:

    there are “THIRTY MILLION” things wrong with the bucs…

  4. Sgt Mike Says:

    Hey isn’t that the leftover cap space er uh somthin?