Derrick Brooks To The Bears?

September 14th, 2009
Yo, Lovie! You know I can still  play.

"Yo, Lovie! You know I can still play. Answer your cell."

Now that Brian Urlacher is likely done for the season, the Bears are in need of a linebacker. It appears Bucs legend and unemployed linebacker Derrick Brooks may be saved from retirement.

A trusted source has told Joe that, while there’s no concrete deal between the Bears and Brooks (yet), it’s a significant possibility.

It makes sense. Bears head coach Lovie Smith is a former Bucs linebackers coach. Bears defensive line coach Rod Marinelli was also a longtime Bucs assistant.

No set of coaches in the NFL know Brooks better than Smith and Marinelli.

[UPDATE: 12:57 p.m. BSPN’s Adam Schefter had indeed confirmed what Joe has heard, stating on his Twitter account that the Bears are involved in talks with Brooks.]

2 Responses to “Derrick Brooks To The Bears?”

  1. leningan Says:

    Sirius NFL Radio has also reported a similar story… was going to ask you about it, Joe, but i get back from lunch and see you are already on top of it… any news about Stroughter’s shoulder…?

  2. bubbabooie Says:

    look for lance briggs to finally get his wishes and move on in and take over the middle for bears and personally I think he will not miss a step in urlachers shoes, brooks will fill the weak side and I believe he will not show his age or get injured which means the bears still have a tenacious defense and look for cutler to righten his ship and explode, as a bucs fan and a person who tried to embodie ol’brooksey on and off the field, I am happy the ol’boy got on a contender and has a chance to go out on top. good luck brooks