Bates Doesn’t Buy Sabby’s Excuses

September 14th, 2009
Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates wasnt making any excuses after yesterdays debacle.

Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates wasn't making any excuses after yesterday's debacle.

The watering hole Joe was at yesterday was a unique experience. Joe can’t quite remember so many different verbs used by various patrons to describe Sabby Piscitelli’s play.

Burned. Fried. Seared. Roasted. Toasted.

They were all apt as Piscitelli got, well, schooled by Tono Romo, who set a personal record for passing yards in a game in the Bucs loss. Per a friend of Joe’s, Scott Purks, who was writing for the Dallas Morning News, Piscitelli tried to brush off his play as a “lack of communication.”

The Bucs’ defensive coordinator wasn’t buying it.

Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates said he wasn’t sure if it was a lack of communication as much as it was players simply failing to do their jobs.

“You just can’t let [receivers] get behind you in this league,” Bates said. “You won’t win.”

Bucs veteran cornerback Ronde Barber said, “Look, we know what to do. We’ve been through training camp. We’ve been over this.”

Barber added that a stronger pass rush might have helped, but still said, “We simply didn’t defend the pass.”

Bates did tell Purks that he’s not making any personnel changes, which should make for an interesting game next week with Terrell Owens and Lee Evans lining up on the other side of the line of scrimmage.

3 Responses to “Bates Doesn’t Buy Sabby’s Excuses”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    I would call Steve Cargile and put him back on the sqad and more Sabby to the practice squad

  2. JK Says:

    MY!MY! MY!- Everyone pointing fingers one game into the season. Coaches and players already blaming one another. I don’t recall this much discention in the time Gruden was here. Oh what a direction we are headed in. Does anyone know how much cap money the Glazer kids have in their bank account to play with?

  3. grumpy4669 Says:

    JK, you hit the nail on the head–all this finger pointing AFTER ONE GAME?!?! That’s great Raheem the Bad Dream has no problem outing people in public, but it’s his lack of leadership that is causing everyone in the room to turn on each other! Ruud and Hovan need to shut their mouths and let their play speak for itself–maybe if Hovan would have gotten off his fat ass and gotten into the backfield more often, we wouldn’t have given up some of those long passes. Agree with Mr. Lucky as well, bring back Steve Cargile, Sabby’s not going to cut it as a starter in this league.