Antonio Bryant Speaks

September 9th, 2009

After spending time with Antonio Bryant last season, Joe was quick to write that Bryant is the best interview on the Bucs — intense, entertaining and always unpredictable.

Plus Bryant often refers to himself in the third person, a trait Joe wholeheartedly understands and respects.

On Wednesday, Bryant was called upon by the Dallas media to talk about all things Antonio Bryant. He didn’t disappoint.

Bryant scolded reporters, he went on tangents and gave wiseass answers at times delivered in his “I’m dead serious” style.

The reporters opened by asking him if his knee felt 100 percent, and Bryant shot back explaining that nobody in the NFL ever feels 100 percent. Of course,  it didn’t seem to matter to Bryant that the season hasn’t started yet.

On his Dallas days:  A lot of things were going on with Antonio Bryant.

On the Bucs chemistry: Teams gel under real adversity, not in practice. … You can’t simulate [the regular season]. Chemistry comes during the season.

On how his knee feels now: I don’t have any pain. …It’s a matter of getting the phantom out of my head.

On whether he appreciates the toughness of Bill Parcells, who sent him packing from the Cowboys: Most definitely, but I still stand my guard as a man.

On whether he has a relationship with Keyshawn Johnson, who he clashed with in Dallas: (after explaining that they are not close) I’m a real person. All the time every time. You know what I’m saying, I’m a real person. You come to my house, my mom will talk to you. My people will talk to you whatever. …I don’t put on no show. I don’t say hi just to say hi. …I do it out of respect. This is not a game or an act. This is real life.  …I’d like to see other people have it.

On what turned around his career: I believe in positive thinking.

On whether it was upsetting to not be rewarded with a longterm contract after his success in 2008:  I did get rewarded. I’m playing this year.

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  1. SensibleFan Says:

    Nice work Joe!!!

    “On whether it was upsetting to not be rewarded with a longterm contract after his success in 2008: I did get rewarded. I’m playing this year.”

    Great quote from AB!