Top 10 Bucs Prospects

August 11th, 2009
Joe believes Tanard Jackson and Jeremy Zuttah are, and have been, better prospects than Gaines Adams.

Joe believes Tanard Jackson and Jeremy Zuttah are, and have been, better prospects than Gaines Adams.

Joe came across an interesting column from that lists the Bucs top 10 prospects. The predictable names are atop the list: Helmet-wielding Aqib Talib and Josh Freeman are Nos. 1 and 2 respectively.

But what Joe found rather eye-opening was that Chris Steuber, who wrote the column, has Gaines Adams listed higher than Tanard Jackson and Jeremy Zuttah.

It’s easy to see why the Buccaneers invested the 4th pick in the 2007 draft in former Clemson sack master Gaines Adams. He’s an athletic freak with untapped potential and has the ability to be one of the elite pass rushers in the NFL. But as much potential as Adams has and the 12.5 sacks that he’s generated thus far, there’s been inconsistency in his play and he has yet to develop his game defending the run. With that said, he’s still a major piece to the defensive puzzle and is counted on to apply pressure on the quarterback. And to be counted on that much and the value that he holds within the organization, he warrants the distinction as the third rated prospect. Despite many questioning his all-around game, Adams has been durable and consistent with the numbers he’s posted in his first two years. As a rookie, Adams played in all 16 games, starting eight and recorded 38 tackles and six sacks. Last year, Adams started all 16 games and registered 38 tackles, 6.5 sacks and two interceptions. Obviously, the Bucs would love to see that sack total double, and Adams has the talent to make that happen. But until he develops better balance and technique and doesn’t get knocked off his rush as much, he’ll be nothing more than an opportunistic defender. This is a huge year for Adams and he will be counted on to break loose and become that elite end the Bucs were so intrigued with two years ago.

Joe hates to rag on Adams and unlike some, does not (yet) consider him a bust. But there is no question Jackson has made and likely will make a bigger impact than Adams unless something drastic happens.

Jackson has done little if anything to suggest he shouldn’t be a starter. Adams, on the other hand, has had games where you wonder why he’s even playing.

Even Jeremy Zuttah has had a bigger impact than Adams. Last year as a rookie filling in for an injured Davin Joseph, Zuttah did such a good job people forgot that Joseph was out of the lineup.

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