Did Chucky Help Brooks In New Orleans?

August 11th, 2009
Chucky spent lots of time with Saints head coach Sean Payton on Thursday.

Chucky spent lots of time with Saints head coach Sean Payton on Thursday.

For Joe, the timing is little too coincidental.

The New Orleans Saints have needed help at linebacker for many weeks and previously said they had no interest in Derrick Brooks, yet now they come calling for Brooks just four days after Chucky visited Saints camp and sat in on meetings with Saints head coach Sean Payton.

Yes, Joe knows the Saints had another injury in their linebacker corps. But surely, the diabolical Chucky would love to stick it to the Glazers, who dished him out a surprise pink slip in late January. What better way to ruffle the Glazers then to help get Brooks on a NFC south team?

Plus Chucky gets to pay back Brooks, who did Chucky’s job controlled Chucky’s locker room for years.

Joe can almost hear him talking to Payton.

“Jimminy Christmas, Payton, Brooks is the guy you want in here. I love that guy. The guy’s a Hall of Famer, man. He can play at a high level, man. He’ll help your locker room, man. You sign him and you got yourself a better shot at the Super Bowl, man. You’ll look like a genius, man. And I’ll tell everyone on Monday Night Football.”

Joe’s pulling for Brooks. No player as great as No. 55 should have to be kicked out of the game. Plus the Bucs should surely get a sellout for their home contest against New Orleans on Nov. 22, assuming the Saints sign Brooks.

4 Responses to “Did Chucky Help Brooks In New Orleans?”

  1. oar Says:

    Again, Gruden gave Payton his first NFL gig…so keep up the conspiracies.

  2. Mr. Media Says:

    Makes sense. Surely Chucky owes Brooks and would love to see Tampa fall on its face

  3. mohawk Says:

    So you believe that as great of a player as Brooks is and that he is still capable of playing at a high level AND you’re surprised that No.55 has not been signed by an NFL team yet. However, the theory that you’ve come up with is that the reason why the Saints called Brooks may have had something to do with Chucky lobbying the Saints to get him and not because Brooks might be good enough to sign with an NFL team. Surely, as you mentioned the Saints had no prior interest but Chucky may have persuaded the Saints to sign Brooks and not because the Saints had an injury at that position and that Brooks is the best available free-agent option out there.

    I thought it was no longer a SLOW time in the NFL with all the training camps rolling but I strongly disagree with your theory. I’ll move on to the next article.

  4. B Says:

    Derrick Brooks would be a good fit for the New Orleans Saints …