Hovan Sends A Ruud Message

August 11th, 2009

In so many words, Chris Hovan has said Barret Ruud is not qualified to be a Bucs teamwide leader.


That’s harsh public sentiment in the second week of training camp. Hovan delivered the message to Tom Balog, Bucs beat writer for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

“I just think showing up for all the workouts, OTA’s and mini-camps, that’s how you gain leadership in this locker room, you being around,” Hovan said.

“The guys see you working in the weight room, in the film room, out on the field.

“That’s how you get the respect and get the leadership from your teammates.”

Careful not to disrespect Derrick Brooks, Raheem The Dream says Ruud has been the leader of the defense for some time, so Raheem The Dream told the Associated Press for a new feature about Ruud.

“To be honest with you, and no disrespect to Derrick, Barrett’s been the leader ever since he took over the snaps,” Morris said.

“He does it all. … He’s really the quarterback on defense. It’s been that way the last couple of years. … If he has a bad game, the whole defense has a bad game.”

Hmm. That means Ruud must have had one awful December last year.

All this macho leader crap doesn’t mean much to Joe. As long as the head coach is in command and the players respect the team, then it’s all good.

Play hard every snap. Win games. Then you can all be leaders. 

9 Responses to “Hovan Sends A Ruud Message”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    damn when you get called out by a ham & egger NFL vet…..sucks to be both….

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    I was really surprised they kept Hovan when they purged the Veterans. Hovan has been mediocre at best, and with these young strong tackles doing well in camp, it may be time for Hovan to hit the road. Also, what a stupid thing to say.

  3. Ron Puhr Says:

    Anyone who has followed the Bucs and actually paid attention to the games knows that Brooks has been the leader of this defense. Yes, the middle linebacker is suppossed to be the so called leader, the quarterback on defense, but it has been Brooks. Rudd is showing up when he has to, not because he wants to or wants to be a leader. Brooks is still helping his teammates and is’nt there! This is a leader people! Now he’s off to New Orleans, holy crap! Sad to think of him in another uniform, but what better way to finish his career than to stick it to us on game day and show everyone that he can still play at a high level? I wish him luck today and hopes he makes the team. I just wish we could have kept him to help out with our new defense and set the stage for our up and coming linebackers like hayes and black. I think we should have rotated him with them like they did with him and cato last year. What better way to get them going the right way? Instead we get to watch the new so called leaders sitting on the bench with bummed knees and hopefully not, broken forearms…. Atleast out Offense should be fun to watch finally, hopefully?

  4. Ron Nado Says:

    Ron Puhr = Ron Nado
    Joe just wanted you to know still keeping it real here. Was’nt able to come out last Friday to meet you and have a Caybrew! Maybe on game day this year, keep up the good work. I do have a question for you?
    Do you think Josh Johnson is really getting a fair shake and chance to compete? I think the kid has got alot more talent than people know and could really make a good numer 2 if anything. You don’t have those kinda stats in college and not be pretty good, but we’ll never know now that we have staked the future in Freeman.

  5. Chris Says:

    Chris Hovan needs to shut his mouth and let his play lead the team. His dissappearance in this defense late in the season makes him seem stupid when he makes comments like this. Someone needs to tell Hovan that the middle LB is only as good as his d-linemen, and Hovan has absolutely nothing to be proud of. In the words of Tortorella, “shut your yap”!

  6. Ron Nado Says:

    other comment did’nt go thru this morning so I’ll do it again.
    How can anyone say that Brooks wan’nt the leader of this defense? Yes we all know the middle linebacker is the quarterback of the defense but anyone who has followed the bucs knows that it has always been Brooks. Hell even now he’s still helping out teammates and he is’nt even there. Ruud has only shown up for the things he has to, not because he wants to or that he wants to be a leader? I think Hovan is right to call him out! I like Ruud but I’d like to see him play hard all season long, he seems to fizzle out toward the end. Everyone hates on Derrick because how he looked at the end last year, wonder what any of us would look like just trying to run with a bad hamstring none the less playing football with it?

  7. Ron Nado Says:

    Sorry guys I guess it did go thru, just did’nt show up right away! LOL

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    No way Josh Johnson is getting a fair shake…yet. There’s 4 Preseason Games and he will get to play, so as not to injure one of the others. The Golden Boy should get a good amount of time, with Lefty and Lukey in early. If these guys have some of the bad plays they have had in practice, Josh will have the opportunity to display his wares. IMHO, he is the smartest of the bunch, but we’ll see who has what. 3 days to go. Finally. Are you Ready for Some Football?????

  9. Ron Nado Says:

    Big Mack!!
    I think your right about J.J.. Just want to see what he has and hope he impresses everyone in pre-season. I think this kid has the stuff myself, but I’m not there on a daily basis and don’t get paid to evaluate talent.
    Damn I wish I did though!! LOL
    And oh yea I’m ready for some football!!!