Phillips’ Body Language Revealing

August 15th, 2009
Jermaine Phillips didnt give himself high marks for his linebacker debut

Jermaine Phillips didn't give himself high marks for his linebacker debut

Maybe strong safety linebacker Jermaine Phillips is just a very soft-spoken guy.

Maybe he sets such high standards for himself that he’s going to be uncomfortable all season as a rookie linebacker learning the position on the fly.

But looking at Phillips’ body language when interviewed about his adjustment to linebacker at training camp and on television tonight,  he just doesn’t look comfortable even talking about it.

WFLA-TV Ch. 8 sideline reporter Dan Lucas asked Phillips during the third quarter about his performance, and Phillips was a little down. Raheem The Dream’s rah-rah style hasn’t rubbed off.

“I didn’t get the contact that I wanted being the hitter that I am. … It’s tough, but a successful first game,” Phillips said.

Joe will have more from Phillips later. Phillips got some good grades tonight from new Bucs color analyst John Lynch.

2 Responses to “Phillips’ Body Language Revealing”

  1. Danbucsfan Says:

    “Phillips got some good grades tonight from new Bucs color analyst John Lynch.”

    Lynch should know, he was asked to make the same transition with the Patriots.

    Just because it is hard does not mean it is impossible.

    We shall see…

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Maybe Jermain was upset because his forearms didn’t shatter????