Final Thoughts On Bucs 27-20 Loss To Titans

August 15th, 2009

14:32 UG-LEE interception from Freeman. Shades of Son of Bob on that one. Better the kid learn in the fourth quarter of his first preseason game than Week 9 of the regular season. Memo to Josh: You aren’t in Kansas (State) any more. Or the Big XII for that matter.

14:24 Nice little return there by Stroughter though it was waved off as a result of a holding penalty. If Stroughter can learn to return kicks and punts, it will go a long way for him to land a spot on the final roster.

14:10 Freeman to Stroughter again. Joe will say this once more: Freeman looks more polished than McCown.

12:05. Uh, oh. The bad Dexter Jackson has an ankle injury and may not return. Not a good sign for a guy very much on the bubble.

10:03 Freeman NEARLY threw another pick to the same side of the field. Joe prays that Freeman hasn’t been talking to Son of Bob. Stunts like that are exactly why Son of Bob is sitting on the couch these days.

9:54 A penalty on the Bucs offense, No. 67. Ah, the memories.

7:24 Josh Johnson in for mop up duty against future beer truck drivers and insurance salesmen. After watching him complete his first pass, Joe believes that if the Bucs started McCown to showcase him, as Joe’s good friend Justin Pawlowski of 620 WDAE-AM  suggested, the only team that will trade for him would be the Central Valley Coyotes of the Arena2 league.

6:20 Josh Johnson with the wheels on a nice bootleg for score.

4 Responses to “Final Thoughts On Bucs 27-20 Loss To Titans”

  1. Danbucsfan Says:

    The loss means sh*t…

    More importantly is that Luke has proven that he will never be more than a third stringer, Freeman has potential, Leftwitch can deliver but needs recievers who can catch the bullets thrown to them, and that Johnson deserves more respect for his athletic abilities and should be put into a higher rotation in the next few games to see how he does against the first stringers!

    I like what I see on the defense, this is not a team to look for in the next superbowl, but give this team a couple of years and I think they could be competitive.

  2. gt40bear Says:

    Yes, Freeman’s pick was SoBish, but his receiver sure didn’t help. Got to come back to the ball! Anyway, welcome to the NFL rook.

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Luke’s stock definately dropped. i wonder what the possibility of the Bucs letting Luke go and keeping Josh Johnson instead?

    Watching Luke was like watching Happy Feet. All I could think of was, “Holy Shades of Garcia”

  4. grumpy4669 Says:

    I’m with Mr. Lucky, enough of Luke McCown already! Get rid of him, keep Josh Johnson on this team! The Bucs are going to rue the day they let this guy go because he’s going to play in the NFL!