Opening Day Blackout Doubtful

August 31st, 2009

Joe’s not going to bore you with a bunch of details about rows, seats and prices.

But Joe has scoured Ticketmaster this morning and feels very confident the Bucs’ home opener against the Dallas Cowboys will not be blacked out.

Keep in mind unsold club seats do not count toward the blackout rules, which require all seats to be soldout 72 hours before kickoff, otherwise home games are not televised in the local market. And the Bucs have a huge number of club seats in the C.I.T.S.

The Washington Post published a story about NFL blackouts over the weekend. The Bucs are not mentioned as a team in trouble. Of course, that itself means nothing.

But given the tickets sold/distributed figure announced by the Bucs on Thursday (63,000+), and the limited number of ticket pairs available for opening day, Joe’s feeling good about the massses getting to watch the Bucs’ stout new run defense on Sept. 13.

2 Responses to “Opening Day Blackout Doubtful”

  1. Pete Says:

    I doubt opening day is the concern. Lots of tickets for sale by fans on ebay (131) hits and other sites, so while the tickets may be sold for blackout purposes we shall see how many are actually at the stadium. Cowboy fans should rejoice as they have ample opportunity to see their team.

    Club seats were always spotty last and this year should be no different.

    The last I read on the bucs forum the Bucs appear to be enforcing the contracts with club seat holders via potential legal action with Hill, Ward, & Henderson, P.A.
    I’m not sure what came of the letters the firm sent to a couple of club seat holders but I’m sure you will see both great and desperate deals on Club seats for a while.

    I needed a 5th ticket for the Miami game and tried to score a club but the price was still to high. So I got a 300 section for $12 on Ebay.

    A lot of people may be taking a bath on season tickets they can’t sell.

  2. Genie Spiney Says:

    hello I believe the DC’s have done above average this season and I look forward for 2010 season.