“I Don’t Think There’s A Spot For McCown”

August 31st, 2009

Look for the Bucs to deal Luke McCown, says the Tampa Bay market’s resident Hall of Fame voter, eye -RAH! Kaufman, of the Tampa Tribune.

Kaufman sat down last night with WFLA-TV sportsman Dan Lucas to talk Bucs quarterbacks. Here’s the video.

Joe recommends watching the video with sunglasses on. The glare from Kaufman’s throwback-orange polo shirt is quite strong.

9 Responses to ““I Don’t Think There’s A Spot For McCown””

  1. Sgt Mike Says:

    Probably a mistake unless you really want Josh Johson or Freeman to start soon. It’s only a matter of time before “Lefty” gets NTFO (Knocked out). I’d hang on to him unless you can get a 5th rounder or better anything less is just fluff.

  2. Jeff Says:

    Won’t happen…
    NTFO coming to a theater near you…LOL

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Lets be honest with ourselves about Luke – he blew it big time.

    His decision making was suspect at times – that’s been his biggest knock in the past.

    The play calling was horrendous and Luke was running for his life at times.

    The problem is Luke just didn’t look comfortable in the pocket. If the Bucs wanted a scrambling, fly by the seat of your pants, they wouldn’t kept Garcia. Luke doesn’t fit into coach Jagz down the field attack.

    I hope we can get a 5th round pick but realistically the best we could hope for would be a 7th round pick – if anything.

    With only 53 spots the Bucs don’t have the luxery of keeping 4 QB’s and based on play – Josh Joshson did better than Luke.

    This isn’t little league – you want a job you have to EARN it and Luke fell flat.

  4. Tye Says:

    If I were Luke I would be praying to get traded after all this. The way that this HC has done things so far and after seven years in the NFL, at least getting traded offers him a chance to go to a team that may go to the playoffs and possibly even get a SB ring on the side lines much like Lefty last year.

  5. Jimmy Says:

    Let’s be honest here. Who the hell wants Luke McCown? A team would have to be beyond desperate.

    What exactly has Luke McCown done in the NFL? If it wasn’t for a dumbass play by Sean Payton (followed by a fumble), no one would be calling for him to start. No one! The fact McCown won his lone start with the Bucs was an absolute gift.

    McCown has been given umpteen chances by two lousy teams and what has he done? If he can’t start for a lousy team, why in God’s green earth would anyone expect him to start for a good team (unless its three top quarterbacks were hurt or thrown in jail or kidnapped)?

    Maybe there’s a reason Chucky wanted a rusty, hurt Son of Bob to start over McCown?

    McCown was given plenty of chances in Cleveland and he stunk the joint up (with decent receivers). He was all but annointed here as the starter and dropped the ball. It was “his job to lose.” And he did just that.

    All the Josh Johnson acolytes should be happy. By McCown losing “his job” that means Johnson sticks with the Bucs as the No. 3 quarterback.

  6. Sgt Mike Says:

    I agree with all. I just don’t see us getting anything out of him. Hell I’m just disappointed because of the lack of play by our top three QB’s. Let’s roll with Johnson, at least it will be exciting to watch him run for his life. That guy is so hungry for a chance he might just score 20+ TD’s for us.

  7. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Hey on MNF did I hear correctly? I thought Chucky said that the Bucs were supposed to get Favre last year and that Brett thought he was coming here until the Jets got him at the last moment!

    Imagine how differently things would have been! I mean look at 40 year old Brett tearing up the Texans and compare that to leftwich and mcCown screwing around.

  8. grumpy4669 Says:

    I agree with Jimmy about McCown’s blown chances. The Bucs MAY be able to trade with Denver since they are having QB issues, but if the Bucs cut McCown, they can pick him up for free. I don’t think the Glazers will allow McCown to be cut, especially after paying him a $2.5 mil signing bonus. Didn’t the Glazers say that one of the reasons they cut ties with Chucky was because Chucky didn’t start McCown as expected in the Atlanta game? I just don’t think they are convinced yet that McCown is nothing more than a below average back up QB. Look at the facts, this guy did not get it done against the Titans 1st team defense, and he looked horrible last Thursday against the Dolphins 2nd team defense. His only success was playing with most of the 1st team offense against Jacksonville’s 2nd and 3rd team defense–sorry, that doesn’t cut it! Mr. Lucky hit it on the head, if Jagz wanted a scrambling QB, we’d have stuck with Jeff Garcia.

  9. grumpy4669 Says:

    I am happy though that JJ is still going to be a part of this team, that guy’s got a future in the NFL!!