Dexter Jackson Cut

August 31st, 2009
One of the last photos taken of Dexter Jackson returning kicks.

One of the last photos taken of Dexter Jackson returning kicks.

Nice knowing you, Dexter Jackson.

Thanks for coming out.

If it weren’t for your colossal bust of a rookie season last year, the Bucs wouldn’t have Clifton Smith to be excited about.

Jackson was among the premier draft mistakes of the Bruce Almighty-Chucky era. The second-round wide receiver came out of Appalachian State afraid to get hit and apparently incompetent as a wideout.

To start Year 2, he got a shot and did nothing with it.

Joe hopes somehow, some way, Chucky is asked about Jackson tonight on Monday Night Football. It’s unlikely, but we can always hope for another painfully long lightning delay.

3 Responses to “Dexter Jackson Cut”

  1. Jackson Says:

    Jackson is who he is, he didn’t pick himself in the 2nd round, the two goobers, one being your beloved Chucky are to blame for this disaster of a pick, just as Morris and Dominik are to blame if Freeman doesn’t work out. The players are not to blame, its the bone-headed GM’s and HC’s that need to be held accountable. Jackson was a 6th rounder picked in the 2nd by an incompetent staff.

  2. Jorge Says:

    This is going to severely impair my Maddon 10 ranking…Damn he was good for me in the slot…

  3. grumpy4669 Says:

    Jackson, I agree to some extent with you that Jackson was at BEST a 6th round pick, but you do have to hold him accountable for a lack of work ethic on his part. Agree that the two boneheads from the past screwed the pooch on this pick, especially when you consider we could have gotten WR Limus Sweed with that pick.