Mark Dominik Speaks

August 10th, 2009

Fresh off chatting with Joe on Saturday, general manager Mark Dominik sat down for a one-on-one with Steve Duemig, The Big Dog, on 620 WDAE-AM on Monday afternoon.

Here are the highlights from the GMs quotes:

On evaluating the early days of training camp: Dominik said he sat down regularly with Doug Williams talking about “the hypothetical 53. .. But you don’t want to put too much into it because it’s so early. … I sit down with Coach Morris a lot one and one …We try to formulate how things are going with competition and how guys are performing.  …I don’t want to bring a guy in to just fill out numbers [ for the practice squad]. … I want guys that can move on to the 53. …I don’t want to waste our coaches’ time.”

On studying other team’s rosters to improve the team: Dominik said he looks at this time of year when players are signed after being cut from other camps as “landing another draft pick.” Dominik talked about his time with Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen “stealing Jovan Haye and Donald Penn.”

On the unofficial depth chart released today: “Obviously it’s going to change. Players can move themselves up and down the board. ….Tennessee will be a good barometer. I’m excited to see this team’s speed and see if it shows up.”

On Josh Freeman: “He’ll probably get more reps than anyone [at quarterback] on Saturday. He’s going to play so much of that second half.”

On Luke McCown and Byron Leftwich: Dominik said McCown was impressive during today’s practice and Byron Leftwich has been excellent throwing the ball downfield. He said the starting battle really comes down to the two of them right now.

On sitting down with Bryan, Joel and Ed Glazer: “We were all on the same page. And Raheem’s cut on the same mold.”

3 Responses to “Mark Dominik Speaks”

  1. George C. Costanza Says:

    Oh, hi there, Joe. I heard Mr. Dominik’s interview on The Animal. He certainly sounds like a good-natured fellow who is enjoying being the new GM. Would you say he’s more “laid back” than his predessor, Mr. Allen?

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Speaking of the “official” depth chart – i was a little surprised at how low Sammie Stroughter was on their chart – 4th out of 5 behind Dexter…

    I guess seeing B Clark caught me off-guard a little, especially since I haven’t read much about him.

    On the defensive side Torrie Cox ahead of Biggers? Really?

  3. Joe Says:


    Not sure if Bruce Almighty wasn’t laid back but if you are asking if Dominik is more personable than Bruce Almighty, very much so.

    Full disclosure: Joe had never met nor worked with Bruce Allen. Joe did like the job he did with the cap. But from speaking with those who did deal with Bruce Almighty, he was somewhat stiff and defensive and at times surly. He was not very approachable. Not a bad guy but just a guy with flaws. At times Bruce Almighty could be very spiteful. Joe knows two examples of how he lashed out at reporters for having the gall to print something that was true and tried to enact a form of revenge against said reporters.

    Dominik on the other hand very much is approachable. Sometimes he comes across as a guy who knows he won the lottery: That he gets paid very well to do what millions of fans will be doing in the coming weeks: building their own fantasy football team.

    Only difference is Dominik’s team is very much real.

    If the Bucs succeed under Dominik, he will be the toast of the town not so much because he did a good job but also because he’s a very nice guy. It’s very difficult to root against good people.