Lynch Overcomes “Josh McCown” References

August 16th, 2009

Considering his relative lack of experience in the booth, John Lynch did an excellent job in his debut as Bucs preseason color analyst on WFLA-TV Ch. 8 on Saturday.

Lynch brings some energy but is very much Xs and Os focused, and he clearly has done his homework on the revamped Bucs.

His only ugly moments were twice saying “Josh McCown” when referencing Luke McCown, and Joe thought he might have been a little out of touch calling Ronde Barber “one of the best tacklers in the NFL.”

But who is Joe to argue with John Lynch. 

5 Responses to “Lynch Overcomes “Josh McCown” References”

  1. TpaBayFlyFisher Says:

    The RB praise [“one of the NFL’s best tacklers”] was the likley result of a wager between friends, made after way too many beers [sorry Sam Adams cherry]. And, was it just Fly, or did anyone think that Luke now has a strange throwing motion? It looked like he was channeling Scott Kaz…………

  2. BigMacAttack Says:

    Luke McCown, Josh McCown, what difference does it make? Lynch did a nice job last night, and it was nice for once not having the guys in the booth bashing the Bucs. Luke should be history after last night anyway. Luke, Josh who cares?

  3. mrichardkent Says:

    you forgot him calling Urrutia URITA… He did a great job though, just sounded like he was calling him a urethra.

  4. The Edge Says:

    “it was nice for once not having the guys in the booth bashing the Bucs.”

    There’s still plenty of time for that. Wouldn’t you rather have honest commentary? I would. Preseason is when the teams hire the announcers (so you get a little homerism), but the regular season all bets are off and network guys work it.

    I was disappointed the announcers didn’t address the (lack of) running game. After talking about it ALL DAMN OFFSEASON – you’d think they could gain a freaking YARD with the 1’s in there. It was REALLY BAD. I think this whole offense thing is a joke actually. This line was not built for zone blocking scheme (that is more for teams like Denver, SF earlier) with smaller, quicker more agile O-linemen. But go ahead, try to shove a square peg in to a round hole. Why has no on even thought of this. Actually I do know why. But it will come up about week 6 when no one has ANY answers. Just letting everyone know now (nice and early).

  5. Joe Says:


    Three quick things.

    1) Jeff Faine said last week the team wasn’t totally scraping the previous blocking system as the coaches recognized they did such a good job at that.

    2) There were holes there to run though, specifically the left side. Either Graham has lost a step and he didn’t hit the hole quick enough or Tennessee closed the holes that fast. Remember, Tennessee had the best record in the AFC last year. Sometimes you have to tip your cap to the other team.

    3) Ward seemed to do all right.