Clifton Smith Takes Shot At Chucky

August 15th, 2009
Man, Clifton Smith, one day hes appreciate what I did for him.

"Man, Clifton Smith, one day he'll appreciate what I did for him."

Clifton Smith baby, where’s your love and allegiance to Jon Gruden?

Good ol’ Chucky stuck with you after you coughed up the ball time after time last year. Then you went on to make the Pro Bowl.

Where’s your loyalty, bro?

Speaking on the Buccaneers Radio Network after Saturday’s preseason game against Tennessee, Smith talked about how offense if his focus this season and how he likes the zone blocking system.

“It bettter sets up quick cutbacks against the linebackers,” said Smith, who finished with five carries for 27 yards, plus one reception for seven yards.

Asked about how the Bucs offense is different this year, Smith said Chucky’s playbook was overcomplicated and he likes the simplification in the new system. “Now we can stop thinking and go out and play the game.”

2 Responses to “Clifton Smith Takes Shot At Chucky”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Smth was one of the few bright spots last night and he shined bright.

  2. The Edge Says:

    OK Clifton – ew’ll se how many games you win with your new playbook. Sure looked like a joke early in the game. You guys couldn’t run the ball AT ALL against their 1’s. LONG year ahead. But at least the playbook is easier. hahahahahahahaha