Last Chance For Kelly Campbell

August 24th, 2009
The CFL star in Bucs camp is on thin ice

The CFL star wide receiver in Bucs camp is on thin ice

Back on the practice field today after extended absences are center Jeff Faine (thank goodness), safety Will Allen and wide receiver Kelly Campbell, so says

For the speedster Campbell, formerly of the Vikings and the CFL, this surely is his last chance to win a roster spot. He’s missed both Bucs preseason games with a quad injury. Joe has seen him shine at training camp, and drop passes there, as well.

Yes, Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton are assured roster spots. And Brian Clark, Maurice Stovall and Sammie Stroughter have made their share of catches in the preseason, and all three shine on special teams.

But in Joe’s mind the Bucs could really use an experienced speed threat down the field (and what team doesn’t), especially considering it might take Bryant a couple of games to return to form and Clayton aggravated his hamstring injury in Jacksonville.

Campbell could be that speed guy.  He’s got 57 receptions (18.7 yards per catch) from his days with the Vikings, and he tore up the CFL last year.

Joe’s pulling for the guy, especially after chatting with his CFL coach. But if can’t Campbell can’t turn in a big peformance against Miami on Thursday, he’s destined to be released.

3 Responses to “Last Chance For Kelly Campbell”

  1. Havok Says:

    At best, Clayton is a third WR. The Bucs should go ahead and trade for Brandon Marshall. As long as he comes at a reasonable price (3rd rounder or a player) I think he would be worth the risk.

  2. Shaena Gerald Says:

    Kelly Campbell is the fastest player on the team. If they got rid of him that will really suck!!! Go KC!!

  3. Blacbarbie Says:

    Kelly Campbell is an awesome receiver with great talent. He is very passionate about his career. Only God knows his future but I wish him the best.