Extra Innings

August 24th, 2009
Is that you in my ear, Joel?

"Is that you in my ear, Joel?"

So Raheem The Dream says judgment day is Thursday, so he told the media today.

Byron Leftwich and Luke McCown will split the first three quarters of play against the Miami Dolphins — winner take all.

Each will play with the first team offense.

Leftwich will start the game, which makes Joe wonder. What if the Dolphins don’t play their defensive starters in the second half? Is Luke McCown being gift-wrapped the easier route to the starting job?

And another thing, although Joe acknowledges it’s a stretch. Joe doesn’t like that in some remote way two-time Bucs jilter Bill Parcells, Dolphins general manager, has a role in who becomes the Bucs starting quarterback on opening day.

Joe doesn’t put it past Parcells to somehow find a way to influence the play of Leftwich or McCown on Thursday. The Bucs play the Dolphins in November, and Parcells no doubt has a preferred Bucs quarterback.

But maybe Parcells will be too busy tampering with Antonio Bryant and forget about the Bucs QB battle.

8 Responses to “Extra Innings”

  1. Tye Says:

    It is such a great Shame that after all these years The Bucs still can’t find a good coach! Morris’ undecisiveness is showing that he lacks in leadership and that lack of leadership will just ruin a team. Why is he trying so hard to Keep Leftwich…. I’m starting to get a few ideas!

  2. Pete Says:

    Leftwich will face the starting Dolphins D and Joey Porter (hopefully) and we shall see about his mobility. So too will McCown I would assume.

    Leftwich will do nothing for ticket sales. Unless he wins.

  3. polkcountydude Says:


    Can you explain to me what undecisiveness means?

    Snark aside, none of the QB’s have distinguished themselves as of yet, which I think says more about their abilities than Raheem the Dream’s. He is about to make a huge decision that will significantly affect the Bucs season as well as his own career. More game situation data always helps.

  4. Tye Says:

    Yeah, It is suppose to be indecisiveness!

    You make a good point and their is years of game tape that shows why other teams got rid of Leftwich.

  5. Crotchity McGee Says:

    Joe, Crotchity usually agrees with you but you are reading way to far into your Oliver Stone manuscripts to believe that Bill Parcells will be doing anything but evaluating his own roster to determine which 53 the Dolphins keep. Manipulating a pre-season game to decide a QB battle for what may happen in a November match-up? Your better than that Joe.

  6. MTM Says:

    Nice try. Do you really think the “Tuna Melt” gives a rats ass about the Buc’s starting QB situation. Come on man ! I don’t think he is worried about being worked by Raheem.

  7. Jorge Says:

    Evey time I come on here I question why I keep coming here…Joe, your doing your job, stirring the pot and all that…The rest of (most) of you are the biggest, most ridiculous douche bags…I won’t elaborate, it is just not worth it…

  8. BigMacAttack Says:

    There really has been way to much drama with the team latey. It’s about time to move on and play some ball. He plays this, she plays that, whatever, just ready to get on with it. Play this guy at Qb or that guy. Whatever, if he does good he’ll stay. If he sucks they’ll replace him, but with all this drama over Lefty and Lukey, why did they draft Freeman in the first place if not to play.