From Split-Decision To Unanimous Vote

August 29th, 2009

Raheem The Dream tells all about the decision to name Byron Leftwich. Joe applauds the depth of his answers.

Raheem The Dream gave the media today a blow-by-blow explanation of how Byron Leftwich won the starting quarterback job.

Fans can watch the video at

Here are things Raheem The Dream said that intrigued Joe.

1) Byron Leftwich was signinficantly ahead of McCown after his performance in spring OTAs.

2) There was “No distinguished guy” entering Thursday night’s game. But it was a split decision among coaches and those with a vote after the Jacksonville game. The final vote on the starting quarterback was a unanimous decision for Leftwich.

3) Leftwich is a better fit for the new offense. Raheem The Dream said the Bucs will be a “heavy play-action team” and Leftwich is better at “throwing the ball down the field in chunks.” …”That kind of fits the mold of what he does.”

4) Raheem The Dream on experience: “I try not to let experience play into it.  …You let experience played into it, we’d still have Jeff Garcia.”

5) Luke McCown will be the backup quarterback. “We’ll have Josh Freeman over there holding the clipboard and wearing the earpiece.” …Josh Johnson is “probably” one of my best 53 players.

6) Raheem The Dream on what Leftwich needs to improve: “Concerned about getting the ball out, the big windup, …sluggish feet in the pocket. …We’ve got to get that cleaned up.”

7) Raheem The Dream talked about how he sat in on Leftwich’s pre-draft interview with Jon Gruden and was impressed.

8.) Ownership/money was not involved in his decision.

9) Players were largely split on who they preferred as starting QB.

10) Discussing when Josh Freeman will see the field is the equivalent “of me conceding to failure.”

As a diehard fan, Joe sincerely hopes the Bucs open the season strong — at least with strong quarterback play.

Otherwise it’s going to get so ugly for Raheem The Dream, and so very fast. Faster than he probably imagines.

13 Responses to “From Split-Decision To Unanimous Vote”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Speaking of decisions – what’s the word on Aqib talib and how many games he will be missing?

  2. Sgt Mike Says:

    Point # 6 , He needs to improve on his sluggish footwork and big windup? There isn’t going to be any improvement. This dude is pushing 30 years of age. He has been playing this way since he was a kid. He will not change. From the get go I thought Leftwich was the wrong guy at the wrong time. Didn’t matter who was the coach. This dude does not make us better. We should have kept Garcia( I didn’t like him either). None the less we have just fell to mediocrity and will at least have an early first round pick and hopefully a real coach to pick it. Bring on Freeman! Disappointment sets in.

  3. MTM Says:

    I agree with Sgt Mike completely. But I feel with “Sandwich” starting and failing miserably. It will make putting in Freeman much easier. The long wind up and ridiculously hard over thrown passes were against Miami are going to be picked off during the regular season. I just wonder how many picks will it take to pull ” Sandwich”. I would rather cut Sandwich, put McCown @ starter, Freeman @ 2nd string and Johnson 3rd.

  4. Tye Says:

    I also agree MTM, I really wasn’t fond of Garcia or Griese for that matter but I would rather one of them than Leftwich. He is probably a nice guy for all I know but watching him play in Jacksonville was brutal and now here we go again! My positive feelings about this new regime is slowly fading with each dicision they make.

  5. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Trying to step away from the emotion. Leftwich and McCown are bottom of the barrel quarterbacks in the NFC. That’s a tough nut to overcome. But so far, the defense looks capable, as does the running game. That can take a team a long way.

  6. Pete Says:

    Not my choice and I doubt it will be the correct one by the HC but I will now be rooting for Leftwich. Hey, I rooted for Jack Thompson, Jerry Goldsteyn and Bruce Gradkowski…why not Lefty.

    Then again I do remember those guys getting booed off the field. Was thursday nights boo’s a preview?

  7. George C. Costanza Says:

    Don’t see how you can clean up Lefty’s windup, etc. At this stage of his career. Just tee it up and let him play. There is such a thing as over-coaching.

  8. T-Bone Says:

    How did the presser announcing Leftwich go…”He’s slow and immobile,has poor mechanics and a lot of bad habits but he’s our guy and we feel he can help us to obtain a high draft choice in next years draft”. My original projection was 4-12 but I can’t name the 4 teams we will beat. Pass me another Silver Bullet-Oh look the mountains are blue.

  9. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Ok since all you seem to want to do is fantasize about the QB situation maybe these factors should be considered:

    1. Byron will say in the pocket so that coach Jags plays will be run versus quickfeet McCown who was doing his best Garcia scramble impression

    2. Byron will be able to toss the ball down the field 40+ yards and hopefully the Bucs get lots of defensive pass interference calls versus McCown who had trouble getting the ball back to the line of scrimmage

    3. Byron will be able to toss those interceptions for 30+ yards – almost as good as a punt versus McCown’s mistakes (fumbles/interceptions) around the line of scrimage

    4. Bryon will be able to get the offensive line to block for him versus McCown who’s influence on the line was such that they let each and every blitzing linebacker into the backfield just because…

  10. Nickbucsfan Says:

    is it ok to cry?

  11. Sgt Mike Says:

    I think before Lefty gets a chance to get good at those punts/interceptions he is going to get nailed. It just really depends on how deep into the season he gets us, 1-5, 2-8? before he gets creamed. I have never been willing to throw a season. While Joe was right we are at the bottom of the barrel in QB’s with Lefty and the Mac, no team should ever strive to suck. The really bad thing is, is that we are sitting here debating a couple of really shitty QB’s and the future of a possible bust-in-waiting. The only good thing in our future is the posibility of an early 1st round draft choice and posibly a new head coach after one year of the “Dream/Nightmare”. Didn’t we do that once before. Richard Williamson?

  12. grumpy4669 Says:

    NICE T-Bone, your last comment was SPOT ON–it’s going to be a LOOOOONG season! Too bad we already have our bust-in-waiting future QB, since we’ll probably have the #1 pick next year and could get Sam Bradford or Colt McCoy. You know, come to think of it, I can’t really name four teams we could beat this season either!

  13. grumpy4669 Says:

    Nicksbucsfan, I normally feel that publicly crying is bad form, but this year may make me re-evaluate that stance! Maybe (hopefully!?!?) Sgt Mike is right, and we’ll only have to deal with Raheem the Bad Dream for this year only.