Did Cadillac Affect Leftwich Decision?

August 29th, 2009
Cadillac Williams shouldn't factor into the reality of the Bucs plans. He's just a fun fantasy until he proves he's not fragile. Joe finds the Caybrew girls to be a fun fantasy.

Cadillac Williams shouldn't factor into the reality of the Bucs plans. He's just a fun fantasy until he proves he's not fragile. Joe finds the Caybrew girls to be a fun fantasy. Click on the picture to find them.

Joe can live with Byron Leftwich as starting QB. After Thursday night’s subpar play from the position, Joe’s just anxious to start the darn season against Dallas in two weeks and see what happens.

However, Joe got a very queasy feeling in his stomach today reading some Jeff Jagodzinski quotes published by the Bucs bedfellows with the colorful magazine, also known as Pewter Report.

No, it wasn’t the boring writing at Pewter Report that made Joe fell ill, it was the offensive coordinator implying — twice — that Cadillac’s success on Thursday gave the Bucs more confidence in the running game, which in turn led coaches to pick Leftwich whose strength is the vertical passing game off play-action.

(So the running game decided who your quarterback was going to be?)
Jagodzinski: “It wasn’t the running game. What we saw as a staff was how Cadillac can affect a game, running backs can affect a game, and when you have to stop a running back. They are going to have to put people up in the box, which will give you an opportunity to throw it downfield. There is only going to be three guys back there, but someone is going to have to commit to the run.

Again, this was the second time Jagodzinski in this Q&A referenced Cadillac’s success as a factor.

For the Bucs to be counting on Cadillac for anything at all is a recipe for disaster.

Right now, Cadillac is nothing more than a fantasy that feels real for the moment. Kind of like hugging a Bucs cheerleader one night and she gives you her phone number. It happened. It was so very nice. But you can’t count on it ever happening again.

Every Bucs fan hopes for Cadillac’s miraculous comeback to continue. But there’s a reason the Bucs would be lucky to trade him now for a seventh round pick. Joe sincerely hopes Cadillac didn’t factor into the Leftwich choice.

7 Responses to “Did Cadillac Affect Leftwich Decision?”

  1. George C. Costanza Says:

    You’re sounding a lil’ Debbie Downerish here, Joe. C’mon, man, bow your neck, crack open a Caybrew and DREAM BIG.

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    OMG Joe – so that’s how you write after downing a case of Caybrew?

  3. UfoJoe Says:

    We have Ward and Graham if Caddy gets hurt again. Still need a QB like Lefty with those two in the backfield.

  4. kyle Says:

    Joe – Don’t listen to these guys. YOu make way to much sense. Mark Dominik would be wise to hire you.

  5. thedeej3000 Says:

    Hey Joe… if I didn’t know any better, I would think you are trying to pick a fight with the Pewter Report gang…

    In fact, I would say your subtle digs at “the colorful magazine” are part of some over all marketing strategy.

    As Sapp use to say… “the peasants shouldn’t throw rocks at the thrown.”

    Now, don’t get me wrong… I really like reading about The Bucs, so I appreciate your site… but let me offer some constructive criticism.

    Referring to yourself in the third is almost annoying as the blatant promotion of your sponsors. Mentioning Caybrew in every post… gets redundant to the point where it makes it that I don’t every want to try the beer.

    Other than that you are doing a great job, keep it up!!

  6. Joe Says:


    First, thanks for the kind words and the unsolicitated advice. Joe appreciates your candor and support.

    As for Caybrew, if you don’t want to try it because Joe loves it (aside from the fact those guys cut Joe a check), trust Joe, that’s your loss. It is quality beer!

    That would be like saying you wouldn’t want to know Rachel Watson in the biblical sense because Joe lusts over her. That just doesn’t make sense to Joe.

  7. thedeej3000 Says:

    Maybe The Deej will try Caybrew one day. The Deej would also like to thank Joe for his response. The Deej says, “keep up the good work, Joe!”