First Quarter Thoughts

August 15th, 2009

Joe’s first quarter thoughts:

12:59 As expected not much of a push up front by the Bucs defensive line.

10:13 Sabby Piscitelli playing well but the ball was underthrown by Kerry Collins on the interception.

9:59 Either the Bucs don’t have this zone blocking scheme down or the Titans defensive line is that tough. Might be the latter.

9:39 Brian Clark, this is not the way to make the team son.

7:49 Byron Leftwich could never have run for a first down like Luke McCown did.

6:40 The Bucs are opening up holes on the left side but they are either quickly closed or Earnest Graham isn’t hitting the hole quick enough or both.

5:56 On Graham’s fumble, what the hell was McCown throwing so short for when they needed a first down? Throw PAST the first down marker or throw out of bounds when you are that deep in your own territory to save a turnover. Graham had no chance of making that first down.

5:50: Beautiful coverage on the very next play on Collins’ throw but it was an even better throw by Collins.

5:29 Bucs secondary is doing a great job of coming up to stop the run.

5:05 Interesting to think back last year how dominating the Bucs offensive line was against New England’s defensive front.

4:49 Nice power running by Klohe Kardashian’s squeeze.

3:35 Byron Leftwich can’t play any worse than McCown. This guy McCown looks way too jittery. He runs well but if the Bucs only needed a running quarterback they could have signed dog-loving Michael Vick.

3:22 At this point, Joe is hoping this zone blocking scheme is a work in progress.

2:14 Rollouts only work if someone blocks the edge.

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