Bucs At Jags Second Quarter Thoughts

August 22nd, 2009

13:36 Roy Miller crushes Gerrard. This guy is going to be dynamite.

12:34 Clifton Smith with a nice run.

0:49 Bucs second string secondary is scary… scary bad.

7:48 Despite the scoring drive by the Jags, the Bucs interior defense is playing strong again.

7:36 Sammie Stroughter just made the Bucs final roster with that 75-yard kickoff return.

7:13 Clifton Smith seems to have been cured of his fumblitis

6:50 McCown’s touchdown pass was his preseason thus far. Unless he goes crazy the rest of the half, Joe believes Leftwich has wrapped up the starting quarterback position.

5:01 Jags 0-3 thus far on third down. Let’s see what happens.

4:43 Make that 0-4.

4:25 Memo to Brian Clark: Son, you must catch the ball when you are the only receiver in your area code.

4:25 Joe just realized he hasn’t heard Kellen Winslow’s name called yet tonight.

4:42 The Jersey Guy: Kareem Huggins with a nice run for a first down.

3:36: This Huggins seems to have a nose for the hole. Joe likes him. Maybe the dreads make him look faster?

2:04 OMG! Stovall makes a huge catch.

1:53 A repeat catch by Stovall. Can you imagine?

1:49 All this Huggins does is gain yards.

1:10 Good job avoiding a sack by McCown. He must have heard the footsteps.

1:02 Seems as though Huggins had room to run had he veered left rather than being stood up at the line.

1:00 Hey Sammie, where are you going to buy your new house now that you will be a Bucs player this year?

0:38 Kyle Moore comes through with a sack. Joe hopes to hear and read that sentence much more this year.

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