Sears To Stay Home

July 31st, 2009

sears21Joe hates to throw out a downer as the weekend approaches, but the worst news of the week is here.

Troubled guard Arron Sears will not report to Bucs training camp with his teammates, so says the Mad Twitterer, aka Rick Stroud of the St. Pete Times.

The news gets even more bizarre as Stroud provides a first glimpse into Sears’ deterioration this spring.

… Sears briefly attended the team’s off-season workout program and the first voluntary minicamp under coach Raheem Morris. But teammates noticed Sears was more withdrawn than normal and at one point he became non-verbal, writing down answers to questions on paper. Sears abruptly left the Bucs after that.

Joe feels for Sears and the Bucs, who seem to have lost their starting left guard and depth at arguably their strongest position.

Speaking on 1040 AM on Wednesday, Times beat writer Stephen Holder called the Sears situation “one of the more bizarre stories that I’ve ever been associated with. …It is my understanding Raheem [Morris] went above and beyond for him.”

Joe is squeamish just thinking about the details that may come out soon about Sears’ troubles. He’s so young. Joe is pulling for his healthy return.

5 Responses to “Sears To Stay Home”

  1. Matt Says:

    Wishing Arron all the best. It is a shame that his young career has been derailed, for the moment, over something like depression, anxiety, etc. Hopefully, he can recover fully and then think about his playing career.

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Ok Joe lets assume for the moment that Sears won’t be returning…What do you think about the Bucs running game now?

  3. Mike Says:

    Sears sounds a little like Vince Young. I hope the Bucs try and provide him with all the mental help he needs to fight his demons.

    But Joe, if he never plays another down of football from the Bucs, can you find out if the Bucs can get any kind of cap relief for his contract because of his situation?

  4. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Mr. Lucky – Still think the Bucs will not miss a beat in the running game. Zuttah showed enough last year. However, it’s horrendous that they’ve lost their margin for error on the O-line. They’re probably cooked if anyone gets injured. …Maybe the rookies – Bruggeman and the new tackle – are quality finds. But you surely can’t count on them. Mahan? Ugh.

  5. Dave Says:

    from a completely football perspective. he is impossible to replace. ive followed him since he played for the Vols. hes a superstar in the making. he should have been a rookie pro-bowl LG. his agility. football IQ. pure strength. a mirror image of Shawn Andrews. i think within 3 years he woulda been in the top 5 best LG’s in the NFL. this will absolutelu kill our running game. the O-Line will without a doubt miss his presence and the teams offense without doubt will struggle. that was definitely evident in the Tennessee game. pre-season or not. the line was manhandled. theyre in trouble without Sears. hope you get better Arron. i wish you the best. your the biggest peice to this teams offense right now. we need ya man!