Raheem the Dream Should Be Safe

July 10th, 2009
Joe cant see Raheem the Dream holding a press conference following the season annoucing he has been fired.

Joe can't see Raheem the Dream holding a press conference following the season announcing he has been fired.

Whispers on some sports radio shows and amid corner bars are that the Glazer Boys, though swimming in red ink thanks to their English kickball team, might have Raheem the Dream on a very short leash.

For example, what would stop the Glazer Boys from snapping up Bill Cowher or Mike Shanahan if one of the two showed interest in returning to the NFL coaching ranks?

But Charlie Bernstein of Scout.com is not of that frame of mind. He ranks all the NFL coaches from most likely to get canned to least likely. He has some interesting choices.

But when it comes to Raheem the Dream, the Bucs rookie head coach is in the middle of the pack at No. 17.

17. Raheem Morris, Tampa Bay Buccaneers- The Bucs are in a rebuilding phase as they jettisoned nearly all of their veteran stars. That bodes well for Morris, but many question his credentials as a head coach. Barring a complete locker room meltdown, Morris should get a second season to improve his team.

Joe doesn’t see Raheem the Dream getting fired either. Unless the Bucs are beyond horrid and finish with the first overall pick in the draft, Joe doesn’t see the Glazer Boys paying three head coaches (Chucky is still on the payroll as would be Raheem the Dream as would be a third new coach).

Of course, this might change if the Glazer Boys find someone to pay off their English kickball debt and Chucky goes to work for the Cowboys or Redskins.

One Response to “Raheem the Dream Should Be Safe”

  1. Jolly Rodger Says:

    I agree that Morris will get more than one year. I would be rediculous to make another wholesale change so quickly.

    Although I do not agree with all the moves the new regime has made, I do believe you have to give it the three years he has in his contract to see if the direction Raheem and MD have steered the ship.