Keyshawn Meets Hannity

July 10th, 2009

Perhaps tonight Keyshawn will reveal he was happy Chucky sent him home with pay because it gave him more time with his interior decorating friends

America’s most ego-maniacal political analyst, Sean Hannity of FOX News, will interview former Bucs wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson tonight on “Hannity,” his 9 p.m. show, which re-airs at midnight. 

This surprised Joe, primarily because Hannity rarely interviews guests one-on-one outside of the political arena, and Johnson is running around promoting his new interior decorating show on the A&E Network.

Joe expects Keyshawn to drop some sort of controversial bomb to drum up interest for his who-cares program about bed comforters, throw pillows, rocking chairs and recessed lightning. (Sorry, but Joe’s idea of decorating is choosing which Bucs coasters to put on the coffee table).

Joe will be watching. A clash of such massive egos is sure to be entertaining.

2 Responses to “Keyshawn Meets Hannity”

  1. MTM Says:

    Meshawn drop out of the Sports broadcasting business. And stick with what he knows best. Fashion !! Somebody’s fabulous !! Sapp said it all.

  2. frank Says:

    More egomaniacal that The KO Kid or Chris Matthews?