Practice At The CITS? Brilliant!

July 6th, 2009
The Glazer Boys toasting their scheme of holding (at least) a practice at the CITS where they can sell $8 beers.

The Glazer Boys toasting their scheme of holding (at least) a practice at the CITS where they can sell $8 beers.

The fan in Joe wants to wrap his arms about the Glazer Boys and give them a great big bear hug.

The skeptic in Joe wants to put his hands on his hips — after he puts down his beer — and smirk at the Glazer Boys.

The Buc recently released their practice schedule for training camp at One Buc Palace and something really jumped out at Joe:

The first night practice on the first day of practice will be held at the CITS! This is way cool. A Saturday night where fans can pack the CITS and watch the beginning of the Raheem the Dream regime!

Then it hit Joe: What a perfect opportunity to sell (more) $8 beers! And $5 sodas. And God only knows what else to sell?

In short, even though — to Joe’s knowledge — Guinness is not sold at the CITS, Joe has only one word to say about this move.


10 Responses to “Practice At The CITS? Brilliant!”

  1. dave Says:

    Here’s an idea. Don’t buy it! Quit whining, for God’s sake. One more whiny post and I’m done for good with this site.

  2. Flea Says:

    Funny how Dave whines about whining. Could someone please identify the whining in this post. Maybe Joe will give you a cigar.

  3. Joe Says:

    >>> One more whiny post and I’m done for good with this site. <<<


    LOL! You know this isn’t a cheerleader site. Never has been and never will be. Joe’s name is not Scott Reynolds. Joe is going to call out whoever needs to be called out and those that don’t like it can hug Crock Riley, Reynolds and the rest of the apologists.

    If anyone thinks the Glazer Boys are holding this practice at the CITS solely as a kind gesture to Bucs fans, Joe has some “quality” real estate for sale.

    As a fan, Joe thinks this is a great move. As a businessman, Joe thinks this is a better move!


    Joe has grown to embrace Dave. He knows how to get under Joe’s skin from time to time. Dave is a valued and longtime poster. Joe hopes he stays.

  4. Jorge Says:

    OK I’m with stupid and all that, but I freaking hate abbreviations always have always will…’WTF’ does CITS stand for?

  5. BigMacAttack Says:

    The Sublime cure for $8 beers is to smoke 2 joints, before you smoke 2 joints, and then you smoke 2 more.

    I think this is problem that can only be solved by……..More Cowbell !!!

    Does the new Obama Alcohol Tax get charged on Stadium Beers?

    How is overtaxing cigarettes and alcohol only affect people earning over $250K per year?

    Bend over everybody, the Bucs’ defense is the least of your problems.

    Oh, am I in town?
    Dean Martin.

  6. Sgt Mike Says:

    CITS= Community Investment Tax Stadium

    A monniker coined by the Late Great Chris Thomas who was the sports voice of desent (meaning he called it like it really was) and a prognosticator of puppies and horseys. He was the morning sports talk guy on 620wdae for years and was a longtime channel 8 sports anchor. I think he had cancer of some sort. He called it like it was and was always “Flamoxicated” by stupidity, he always gave away Free tickets to the CITS or to the Shitter but definitely “One of the Two” .

  7. Larry Says:

    CITS= Community Investment Tax Stadium that’s a good one. I remember Chris Thomas which was before I moved away from Tampa Bay. Sorry to hear that he’s the “late” Chris Thomas. I remember him & Steve Duemig going at it on the air and it turned out to be a publicity stunt for a golf tourney they were running or something.

  8. george c. costanza Says:



  9. dmoney Says:

    Im with Dave on this one. They are in business to make money. Nobody says you have to buy them. What business isn’t looking for ways to make make more money right now? I’ll never get why everyone always rides the Glazers for trying to make as much money as possible. Its called capitalism people!!! If you don’t like it don’t buy it.

  10. Jorge Says:

    Thanks Guys…I only got to listen to him for 4-5 months before he passed, but I enjoyed his antics…