Glimmer Of Light Amid Dark Clouds

July 6th, 2009
Alex Marvez of thinks Bucs general manager Mark Dominik can pull the Bucs out of their current abyss.

Alex Marvez of thinks Bucs GM Mark Dominik can pull the Bucs out of their current abyss

OK boys and girls. Three-day weekend is over. Time to get back to the real world.

And that world for the Bucs isn’t exactly pretty. After last week’s mini bombshell by Jason La Confora of about how the Bucs have been severe penny-pinchers the last four years, and how the team played at the end of last year, it’s hard to get too excited over the Bucs chances this season.

While fans have a right to be upset the Glazer Boys seem more concerned over their English kickball team than their local football team,’s Alex Marvez hints in his “Marvez Minute” there may be hope for the Bucs, despite all the negatives.

2 Responses to “Glimmer Of Light Amid Dark Clouds”

  1. Wordy Sanchez Says:

    Oh well thank Christ Marvez provides a glimmer of hope! What Confora taketh away, Marvez giveth back.

    C’mon fellas, I know its the slow point of the NFL news season but damn how about hiking up your skirts drying those tears and quit sniffing the collective asses of every third string NFL beat writer passed out in the skid row of the internet?

  2. Jorge Says:

    Yes Dirty Sanchez, yes…