Pick Up The Phone, Ra’!

July 28th, 2009
Joe hopes Raheem the Dream uses his blackberry not just for texting, but for talking with other coaches.

Joe hopes Raheem the Dream uses his blackberry not just for texting, but for talking frequently with other coaches.

Joe has always been of the opinion that a good coach is one with an open mind. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin springs to mind.

Tomlin — who Bucs coach Raheem The Dream is often unfairly compared to; unfairly for The Dream — was a Monte Kiffin/Tampa-2 disciple when he got the gig at Pittsburgh.

The Steelers’ defense was loaded with players one year removed from a Super Bowl title suited for a 3-4 defense with arguably the best defensive coordinator in the NFL running the defense.

What does Tomlin do? He doesn’t try to fix something that isn’t broken. The result? Two years later, Tomlin hoisted the Vince Lombardi Trophy in victory at the CITS.

Smart move by Tomlin.

So since Raheem The Dream has never been a coordinator before, much less a head coach, Joe is hoping he doesn’t try to force things. Michael Lombardi of the NationalFootballPost.com suggests it would be wise of for The Dream to pick up the phone and talk to other head coaches.

Morris needs to not be afraid to make phone calls and seek advice from former coaches or executives. He may have gotten the job at a very young age, but finding wisdom from others will help him speed up the growing process. I heard the NFL Network’s Deion Sanders talk on TV the other day about how disappointed he was with young players not seeking out former players for words of wisdom. The same applies to young coaches. There are many older coaches who would love to help any coach. Remember the Danish proverb, “He is afraid of asking, is ashamed of learning.”

Don’t feel bashful Ra’! Pick up the phone and talk to Bill Cowher or Mike Shanahan or Mike Holmgren or even Father Dungy (so long as you don’t ask him about offense). Pick the brains of those who came before you. There’s no shame in asking questions. Keep an open mind.

It worked for Tomlin.

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