Moore A First-Teamer In Nickel Defense

July 27th, 2009

Let’s all smoke a Bucanero cigar to welcome new Bucs defensive end Kyle Moore, a 2009 fourth round pick, to the burgeoning blogosphere of Bucs news and commentary.

It’s almost as if one doesn’t have to read a printed newspaper or a colorful magazine ever again to be a diehard fan. 

Moore has launched and has posted his first blog entry, which is chock full of enlightening news.

Among the points of interest, Moore says he has a first team role right now in the revamped defense.

It is a lot to learn with special teams and the nickel defense. I’m listed as the starter right now in the nickel defense, and second string on the regular defense. Right now, I’m just learning and trying to figure out how they want to use me and doing the best that I can.

Joe is not going to go on another rant here referencing how certain starting spots have been named that appear contrary to Raheem The Dream’s stated desire for intense competition at every position on the field.

Joe understands there must be a depth chart for practice purposes, and Joe does not believe Kyle Moore has been granted any definite role, like youngster Sabby Piscitelli and journeyman Jimmy Wilkerson.

One Response to “Moore A First-Teamer In Nickel Defense”

  1. RustyRhino Says:

    I Like this Kid Moore, I went to his web site (thanks Joe) and read all his posts so far, The best thing i read was that he is going to go to Atlanta with Adams to work in DE camp. This is a GREAT IDEA!! might not White and Wilkerson also make good use of this camp… hmmm I read about this camp put on by Chuck Smith and i think it is a wonderful idea. Just the way i see it out here in Arizona… Maybe in 2010 the Bucs will play in Phoenix and i can go and see them.. Again, Thanks Joe for your invaluable information.