Freeman = Dilfer?

July 17th, 2009

One of the quickest ways to turn Joe’s stomach — other than to drink warm beer — is surfing across BSPN and seeing that clod Trent Dilfer try to explain to Joe about offenses and being a quarterback.

What the hell can this clown say about offenses other than how to throw interceptions?

But Doug Fernandes of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune cautions Bucs fans that the dawn of the Bucs quarterback bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman era could give Bucs fans fiendish flashbacks to the dark days of Dilfer when he first took over as the Bucs quarterback.

Sixteen games, five touchdowns passes, the fewest since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule in 1978.

And you thought Jon Gruden’s offenses were criminally dreary, unimaginative and unproductive, a hearkening back to a time when the football approximated a pumpkin?

Wyche did everything to dissuade throwing the ball short of taking the air out.

If the Bucs were going to lose in ’95, they were going to lose Wyche’s way, which meant minimizing the chances Dilfer could screw up.

The season before, as a rookie, Dilfer played so poorly, it convinced Wyche that running the ball would be the Bucs’ 1995 offensive modus operandi.

So Errict Rhett’s carries increased, from 284 to 332, his scoring swelled, from seven touchdowns to 11, and the Bucs improved, from 6-10 to 7-9.

The thought of this type of “offense” returning to the CITS is enough for Joe to have seizures.

Speaking of seizures, Joe these days is a little upset with his hockey-crazed sister Amanda. Seems as if she planted a webcam in Joe’s bedroom the day of the draft this spring and now Joe’s reaction to the Freeman selection is on below.

12 Responses to “Freeman = Dilfer?”

  1. Alex Says:

    Love him or hate him, Dilfer was a Pro Bowler for the Bucs in his 3rd season.

  2. leningan Says:

    Dilfer – greatest QB of ALL TIME!.. He went to the prow bowl, broke up the freaking Ram’s despicable post game celebrations (while toting his clipboard and visor), won the QB challenge while not signed for an NFL team, and let’s not forget his amazing Super Bowl performance: 12-25 153 yds a TD and 0 INT’s… and his subsequent release. how Dilfer is not in the Hall yet baffles me…

  3. Mr. Lucky Says:

    “…how Dilfer is not in the Hall yet baffles me…”


    Thanks for making my Friday a little funnier. Hey Joe you should let Leningan be a staff comedian. 🙂

  4. leningan Says:

    at least for his contributions on E – er.. BSPN

  5. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Dear Joe,

    On a totally unrelated note – that video is DISTURBING to say the least.

  6. Joe Says:

    Mr. Lucky:

    Joe understands that more than a few Bucs fans reacted similarly when they learned Rachel Watson was no longer a prized member of the Bucs cheerleaders.

    Joe, however, did not respond to the sad news with such fury. Instead, he solemnly nursed several bottles of beer in his local watering hole, wiping away an occasional tear.

  7. Sgt Mike Says:

    Hold on, hold on ——— I just Barfed—– Did somebody say Dilfer– oh shit , oh shit — gotta go —-

  8. Chris Says:

    Everyone loves to bash Dilfer, but the Bucs just might have made it to the show had he not been injured against Seattle. He was putting together a solid run at the right time with efficient performances against New Orleans, Kansas City, & Atlanta before the injury derailed his season while directly leading to the offensive catastrophe that was the 1999 NFC Championship Game. You know, the game where Shaun the King went 13 of 29 for 163 yards and 2 picks. Dilfer’s “amazing Super Bowl performance” lenigan referred to in his initial post would have put the Bucaroos in the Super Bowl. Maybe then everyone would have accussed Dungy of winning with Wyche’s team. Oh, and by the way, you can be a good broadcaster (journalist) without an All Star resume. You should know that Joe. But then again, you couldn’t hold Dilfer’s jock strap. And I’m sure that Trent, to the chagrin of all the bashers on this post, laughs all the way to the bank.

  9. Chris Says:

    By the way, on a lighter note, what’s with that dude trying to shove his remote control up his butt? Man, I never want to play World of Warcraft again.

  10. Joe Says:

    >>> But then again, you couldn’t hold Dilfer’s jock strap. And I’m sure that Trent, to the chagrin of all the bashers on this post, laughs all the way to the bank. <<<

    And Joe will laugh himself to sleep each time he remembers Dilfer wearing that stupid-ass Terry Bradshaw mask (circa 1974) and stinking the joint up against Nashville. Or the time Dilfer pulled that stunt against the Giants when he threw a pass just as he was stepping out of bounds about 40 yards downfield only to have it intercepted and he had the gall to argue with the referee that he stepped out of bounds (if you did step out of bounds why the hell did you launch the ball, idiot?).

    Granted, an analyst doesn’t have to be an All-Pro but he has to have at least a modicum of credibility.

    Where’s Bubby Brister when you need him?

    Or Bobby Hoying?

    >>> what’s with that dude trying to shove his remote control up his butt? <<< And one wonders why Joe is upset with his hockey-crazed sister Amanda for catching Joe is such a private moment?

  11. Chris Says:

    >>>Where’s Bubby Brister when you need him?<<<

    I don’t know where Bubby Brister’s at but I do know where Sean Salisbury’s been for the last few years.

  12. BigMacAttack Says:

    If the Bucs’ QB has miserable stats, as this idiot from Sarasota is projecting, it will be because they can’t run the football. I don’t see that happening. I don’t think it matters who plays QB for them, as long as it isn’t Leftwich. I would like to see Josh Johnson get a shot. Smart kid, but if he did play and play well, someone would have to give Chuckles some credit. And that ain’t happening. Again, as has been said by so many, “Thank God we don’t have Happy Feet”.

    Uh Oh! I believe I feel the need for a Big Mac !!!