Bucs Offensive Line Is Good; Maybe Not Great

July 16th, 2009

Anyone with a thimble-full of football common sense knows the Bucs’ strength is their offensive line. If the Bucs are able to do anything this year, it will be the offensive line that bails them out.

But Vacation Man of BSPN.com isn’t quite ready to jump on the bandwagon quite yet. In looking at matchups for the upcoming season, Vacation Man suspects Bucs center Jeff Faine will struggle against AFC East teams, and the result will be the Bucs offensive line will have its hands full against New England, Miami, Buffalo and the New York Jets.

Tampa Bay will be breaking in either a rookie quarterback or a suspect starter at the position. The Bucs are going to rely on their running game this year, and though Carolina’s offensive line rightfully gets accolades for its ability to pave the way for the team’s running backs, Tampa’s line is on the rise. However, pivot man Jeff Faine is undersized and struggled with nose tackles while in the AFC North. Like Kalil, another undersized center, Faine is going to have his hands full.

While this may be true about Faine, Joe doesn’t believe for a moment that every Bucs offensive lineman will dominate each and every game. But the Bucs line as a whole will be solid, therefore, be able to withstand a bad game here and there from one player.

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