Bucs Should Be Concerned About Receivers

July 17th, 2009
Brian Clark isnt exactly a household name at wide receiver... yet.

Brian Clark isn't exactly a household name at wide receiver... yet.

Joe has written many times that he never understood Raheem The Dream’s infatuation with NRA spokesman and future felon Plexiglass Burress. Why sweat over the receivers when the Bucs coughed up so much cash for Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton?

But that’s exactly why the Bucs should sweat, so writes Peter Schrager of FoxSports.com.

As many predict, Schrager infers the Bucs passing game will struggle. But if there is an injury to Bryant or Clayton, Schrager writes that the Bucs will be in a world of hurt.

The Bucs did bring in some new names on offense — running back Derrick Ward, tight end Kellen Winslow and quarterbacks Byron Leftwich and Josh Freeman. But overall, the Bucs are relatively thin (and cheap) across the depth chart. The biggest trouble spot should be the wide receiver position. Michael Clayton and Antonio Bryant appear to be the starters, but who else will be catching balls? The third wide receiver, as of now, could be relative unknown Brian Clark.


Schrager claims the Bucs like Clark. But he’s not sold (yet).

As Joe wrote yesterday, it looks like the Bucs will use Winslow as a No. 3 receiver so Joe isn’t going to lose much sleep as a result.

Freeman as the starting quarterback Week 1? Joe won’t sleep for days.

2 Responses to “Bucs Should Be Concerned About Receivers”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Until you get a QB who is a downfield threat why bother worrying about WR’s? Rush first, rush hard and let them put 8 in the box.

    THEN you’ll have mis-matches with Bryant/Clayton/Winslow/Stevens vs. DB’s

  2. Cassper Says:

    Mr. Lucky that strategy might work for a half of an NFL game but will quickly be exposed by most NFL teams. In pro football you at least have to have the illusion of balance including a deep threat. Obviously the Bucs will depend on the run but they have to work hard on developing Freeman. I hate to say it but Leftwich will probably need to start for most of this season. Its gonna be a long season for Bucs fans.