Five Reasons Why Brooks Is Unemployed

July 13th, 2009

Once Joe gets past his anger that the Bucs cut Derrick Brooks, Joe wonders why he can’t find a job (yet). Brooks claims he’s getting nibbles, but still, the guy isn’t signed.

Even this morning, Randy Cross of Sirius NFL Radio, who often raves about Brooks both as a person and a player, wondered aloud why Brooks hasn’t been locked up by some Super Bowl-contender.

Matt Bowen of the takes a look at why Brooks still is not tendered with another team. He has five reasons why Brooks isn’t signed, and may not be signed: scheme, health, special teams, money and production.

Sure, there are reasons every aging player who seems to get old overnight ceases to be a hot commodity, but for Brooks, who is 36, it seems like the questions we all have are fairly easy to answer.

Joe can’t imagine that Brooks couldn’t help out some team. But Joe also knows that Brooks will be picky. He isn’t going to play one more year just to cash a check. You won’t see Brooks playing for a team, say St. Louis, that may be lucky to win three games. What’s the point?

2 Responses to “Five Reasons Why Brooks Is Unemployed”

  1. Jolly Rodger Says:

    I do not know why any team would not have Brooks in to compete for a position (our Bucs included) He may not be the Brooks of old, but then again, who else is? I think the perfect fit for him is the Pats. As much as I would hate to see him in that unifrom, it would be beneficial to both to give it a try. I know, its a 3-4 defense, but BB would know how to use him in a productive manner.

  2. oar Says: