A Peek At Training Camp And A Hands-Off Coach

July 13th, 2009

Just because it’s the lazy days of summer doesn’t mean the good people within the front offices of the Bucs are taking time off. They are busy reading for training camp and Scott Smith is no different.

In this video, Smith sort of gives a preview of how the team is preparing for training camp, to be held at One Buc Palace. Interesting thing is that the NFL bars teams from starting training camp more than 15 days prior to the team’s first preseason game.

Smith also finds time with Stylez White, who is recovering from shoulder surgery and his mishap on his motorcycle. To his credit — and also Smith’s for not cutting this element from his video — White isn’t overly excited with the fact the Bucs will have training camp at One Buc Palace.

Whenever Joe learns something from a video, Joe considers that a good video. Also in the second video, Joe learns from Smith that strength and conditioning coach Kurtis Shultz is “not allowed to put his hands” on the players.


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