Bucs May Not Name Starting QB Until September

July 13th, 2009

When it comes to guessing the Bucs starting quarterback this season, there really is only one slamdunk answer:

It won’t be Son of Bob.

The starting quarterback could be Luke McCown, could be Byron Leftwich, it could even be bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman (God forbid). Not only does Joe not have any idea, but it seems neither does Raheem The Dream, so reports Dan Parr of ProFootballWeekly.com.

The Buccaneers’ quarterback competition is an open battle with just a few weeks to go until the start of the training camp, and it could take some time before a front-runner emerges. There was talk, fueled in part by comments from Bucs QB coach Greg Olson, toward the end of the team’s final minicamp in June that rookie Josh Freeman might vault to the starting spot by Week One, since neither Luke McCown nor Byron Leftwich had done much to separate himself from the pack, but Bucs GM Mark Dominik did his best to crush that sentiment, saying he’d rather have Freeman sit back and mature rather than be pushed into things right away. Dominik said the competition between McCown and Leftwich is very tight, but we hear McCown continues to hold on to a slight edge, which he enjoyed throughout the offseason, thanks to his familiarity with the club’s personnel and Leftwich’s issues with a groin injury.

Joe only hopes the answer isn’t Freeman. There’s no need to throw this guy to the wolves right away, just look at the Bucs first seven games.

One Response to “Bucs May Not Name Starting QB Until September”

  1. RastaMon Says:

    the Bucs will be naming new starting QB’s quite often this season……