Could Griese Cut Signal Freeman Signing?

July 13th, 2009
"Call me next week, Greezy. We'll watch film and talk about next year."

"Call me next week, Greezy. We'll watch film and talk about 2010."

So the timing of the Brian Griese cut leads Joe to believe the Bucs might recently have taken major steps toward signing rookie bust-in-waiting QB Josh Freeman. 

Perhaps the Bucs are now confident Freeman will agree to a contract — or the Bucs and the Freeman camp have already have a deal– and join the team prior to the start of camp Aug. 1. 

Joe never believed the speculation that general manager Mark Dominik was simply keeping quarterback Son of Bob around as an insurance policy for a training camp injury among the QBs. 

The murmurs were that Dominik remembered when Luke McCown blew out his ACL in early 2006, thereby leaving the Bucs thin at quarterback. Therefore in 2009, Dominik was going to hang on to Son of Bob just in case.

That just seemed silly.

Son of Bob as the disinterested fifth quarterback entering camp was ridiculous and distracting. And at best, and Joe is being generous here, the guy is an average backup quarterback on the downside of his career.

However, Son of Bob as the fourth quarterback entering training camp might have made a modicum of sense since going to camp with just three QBs is risky.

Four dogs. One bone.

3 Responses to “Could Griese Cut Signal Freeman Signing?”

  1. Jorge Says:

    Everybody take drink joe squezed modicuminto the article…

  2. Jorge Says:

    Everybody take drink joe squezed modicum into the article…

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    I think those idiots are going to pay Freeman more the Matt Ryan got. $100 Mil range. Ruud will get league minimum again.