The Risk Of Signing Plexiglass Burress

June 14th, 2009

Joe has been adamant that he wants the Bucs to stay far and clear from NRA spokesman and wide receiver Plexiglass Burress no matter how passionately Raheem the Dream lusts over him.

One reason is, aside from his unresolved legal troubles, which likely will land Burress in Rikers Island, will face a suspension from NFL warden Roger Goodell.

Gary Myers of the New York Daily News reports that Goodell isn’t hinting to anyone how long Burress’ suspension may be.

“You got to find out more. What does this mean?” one general manager said. “This definitely puts a cloud on it. You sign him, you take him to camp, then we go into September and we can lose him? I would rather not have him than know I’m going to lose him. How about him? How does this play in his head? It’s just bad karma. That’s the way I’m looking at it. The way the mayor is talking, he doesn’t want to do this guy any favors. I don’t think the commissioner does, either.”

Putting handcuffs and the slammer aside for a moment, will Goodell hit Burress with a suspension for violating the personal conduct policy? Burress is a free agent, so Goodell can’t suspend him now while he’s unemployed. The feeling is the commissioner won’t rule on Burress’ status until he signs with a team.

“It’s buyer beware,” the GM said. “You are going to have to go forward and sign him and wait for the commissioner to rule on it. He’s not going to tell you ahead of time. This one is a mess.”

Myers later writes that an educated guess would be that Burress misses four games from a suspension.

In short, as Joe has written time after time, just stay away from this headache Raheem. Stay away.

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