No Competition At Safety

June 10th, 2009

Competition at every position and guys battling for jobs was said to be among the hallmarks of Raheem The Dream’s regime in 2009.

So what’s going on at safety?

Sabby Piscitelli is acting like he’s the new sheriff in town now that safety Jermaine Phillips has been relocated to replace Derrick Brooks and all of Bucs nation prays Phillips can figure out how to play linebacker in the NFL at 30 years old.

Per the Piscatelli interview Joe brought you earier, Piscatelli didn’t flinch — or talk about competition — when the Oregon sports radio hosts asked about him being gift-wrapped the starting job.

KFXX: OK, so the Bucs moved Jermaine Phillips to linebacker to free up space for you. How satisfying is it to know you are slated to start?

SP: I’m extremely excited. I’m looking forward to it. It’s a big challenge and I’m getting my career started off big. Last year I was limited to six games but I played in each one. I got my feet wet. It was good. It was pretty much my first year. It didn’t end that well but I felt like I was progressing gradually. As long as I can contribute.

Joe likes Piscatelli and knows he has the physical tools to be a stud. Joe also knows Piscatelli is exactly the type of young player Raheem The Dream has in mind when he talks about competition at positions. 

Piscatelli’s never been a regular and often looked like an overmatched rookie when filling in for Phillips last year. Yet Piscatelli seems to be of the mind that he’s the starter-in-waiting.

What about Will Allen or others? What about Phillips returning to the secondary if he’s beat out at linebacker or a bust at the position?

Piscatelli talks like he’s the opening day starter no matter what. Joe’s fine with that but sincerely hopes Sabby is up for the task.

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