Sgt. Winslow Speaks

June 10th, 2009

Sunday night on Sunday Sports Extra with good guy Dan Lucas on WFLA-TV, (Channel 8 locally), Lucas sat down for a chat with Sgt. Winslow. Of course Joe watched and took notes. You would expect otherwise?

Dan Lucas: What are your impressions of your new team and coach?

Sgt. Winslow: I love my teammates and I am having fun here. It’s good to be here. I just love coach Morris. I fell in love with him the first time I talked to him. I am just having a lot of fun,

DL: How about coach Jagodzinski?

Sgt. Winslow: He’s laid back and he tells you what you have to do and it’s your job to be a professional and do it. I take it to heart. If that’s what it takes to help the team that’s what I will do.

DL: What have you seen from your teammates? Is everyone in the same boat?

Sgt. Winslow: I’d say so. I’m a little behind because I wasn’t here. We have a new defensive coach with coach Bates and we have a new offensive coach with coach Jagodzinski. So it’s all a fresh start. It’s real exciting. I don’t think it’s that complicated of a system. But we will do things well.

DL: You said you like to take reps with “The Guy.” Unfortunately, we don’t know who is “The Guy.” How are you getting comfortable working with more than one guy?

Sgt. Winslow: I think what I said was, I was asked about who would I rather have, Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn and I said I would like to take reps with whoever is going to be in there. And whoever our quarterback is, he’s our guy.

DL: I know you were looking for a new scene. Some guys have resurrected their careers here. Is this what you thought it would be?

Sgt. Winslow: Man, it’s much more. Just the warm weather and the new atmosphere and the coaches. It’s awesome.

DL: Do you feel comfortable that you are set (financially) for probably life and do you have more pressure on you now?

Sgt. Winslow: I don’t feel the pressure because I put enough pressure on myself. So I don’t take in all the outside pressure. I want to be the best professionally I can. I’m pretty comfortable with my situation.

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