More Reasons Against The “Lone Gunman”

June 21st, 2009

From the instant Joe heard Raheem the Dream lusted over soon-to-be felon and NRA spokesman Plexiglass Burress, Joe has been banging the drum against such a move.

So it warms Joe’s heart to read that someone he greatly admires, Martin Fennelly of the Tampa Tribune, has decided to join forces with Joe, albeit a bit delayed.

As can be expected, Fennelly writes far more eloquently than Joe about why signing Burress would be a monumentally stupid move by the Bucs.

Harris Smith, of course, is the alias Burress used when he popped into a New York City emergency room in November after his Glock slipped down his sweat pants (who hasn’t had that happen?) and shot him in the leg at a nightclub, launching criminal proceedings as well as the inevitable “Say, is that a Glock in your pants or Drew Rosenhaus?”

The Bucs’ head coach, who answers to Raheem Morris, said, “To be honest with you, there was never really any discussion about bringing him in.”

The Bucs should stay so honest.

Simply put, Joe can’t find a solid reason to want Burress, other than the fact it would give Joe ample opportunities to hammer him night and day when he blows off practices, gets fined, loafs on the field, and generally acts like the overgrown child he is.

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  1. RastaMon Says:

    Don’t need the thug fool…..