It Was Just A Matter Of Time

June 21st, 2009

With all the talk — which began from the mouth of Raheem the Dream — that the Bucs want another wide receiver, Joe was wondering who would be the first MSMer to link the Bucs and disgruntled Broncos WR Brandon Marshall, who told the Broncos he was coming down from a rocky mountain high.

Let Bill Williamson be the first MSMer — to Joe’s knowledge — to say Marshall might head to Tampa Bay. In a recent AFC West blog post, Williamson listed the potential landing spots for Marshall and cited the Bucs among them.

Tampa Bay needs a receiver and could see value in bringing the Central Florida product to town.

Joe is still beyond perplexed at all this talk of needing a wide receiver. Someone refresh Joe’s memory if needed, but Joe was under the impression the Bucs shelled out large sums of dough to wide receivers Antonio Bryant and Michael Clayton.

If these guys weren’t any good, why did the Bucs cough up so much money for them? Or are they stinking the practice fields of One Buc Palace so badly, that the Bucs are hesitant to admit they made a mistake in signing either Bryant or Clayton (or both)?

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