Glazers High-Fiving Over Soccer Sale

June 11th, 2009

In addition to massive debt, the Glazer Boys are ringing up championships and record revenue with Manchester United.

Most Manchester United fans are weeping this morning, although the Glazer Boys are probably high-fiving over their Shephard’s Pie.

No surprise to Joe that the Glazers have agreed to sell the premier 24-year-old stud in their Manchester United soccer stable for a world record $131 million today. That’s a lot of half-season ticket packages at the C.I.T.S.

Was there every any doubt for the cash-strapped Glazers?

On the world soccer stage you don’t trade players, you sell their rights. And the Glazers accepted the $131 million bid to move former World Player of the Year Cristiano Ronaldo to Spanish power Real Madrid. Now Ronaldo has to negotiate a contract with his new team, which should just be a formality.

Today’s reports from England now say Ronaldo wanted to leave, contradicting his earlier stated desire to stay with Manchester United, which probably was a just a negotiating tactic.

So the Glazers are off the hook with their fans and their cash flow just improved, although they will have pay to replace Ronaldo.

Joe is certain that this, the world’s biggest sports news of the day, can only be good news for Bucs fans.

One Response to “Glazers High-Fiving Over Soccer Sale”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Just think had they gotten this $ earlier they could have landed Haynesworth!!!!! 😉