Stylez White Is A Loyal Guy

June 11th, 2009

Stylez White didn't cave to oily player agent Drew Rosenhaus

The business of players’ agents is shady and agent Jack Bechta, who represents Bucs defensive lineman and road rash victim Stylez White, wrote a column for in which he explains some behind-the-scenes agent dealings.

Oddly enough, Bechta details how oily Drew Rosenhaus works.

In short, Bechta claims Rosenhaus uses his clients to get new clients. Rosenhaus, who also loves to Twitter about such things, has his clients host parties. Of course, these players invite teammates and that’s when Rosenhaus goes to work, using the opportunity like a feeding frenzy being the shark he is.

But White avoided Rosenhaus’ advances at one such event.

Believe it or not, there is some client loyalty in the business. I’ve been told by my clients which agents approach them and what they say. My client, Styles G. White (formerly Greg White) of the Buccaneers, for example, was approached last year by Rosenhaus at a charity event that I believe was put on by one of his clients.

Greg told me that Rosenhaus approached him and said, “You have some story, Greg (he had played in the Arena League the year before and had 8½ sacks and seven forced fumbles in 2007). Do you know who I am?” Greg said he did. Drew replied, “Well, you need to talk to these guys here about me. They’ll tell you what I’m about. They’ll tell you how to get in touch with me.” As Stylez was telling me this, he said to me, “Where was this guy when I was playing Arena ball for three years?” He had no idea who I was then. You stuck with me for five years until I made it. You’re my guy.”

Stylez, I appreciate your loyalty.

Everything Joe reads about White impresses Joe. Seems like a great guy. Hope you get better Stylez and for God’s sake stay off those death machines, at least until your NFL career is over.

Also, Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune is reporting that White doesn’t think he can practice until training camp due to his road rash.

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