Drum Keeps Beating For Marvin Harrison

June 12th, 2009

One man’s BS is another man’s hot rumor.

Remember all that talk about over-the-hill, sure-fire Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison joining the Bucs? You know, the rumor first circulated by St. Pete Times beat writer Rick Stroud who later scolded his followers for quoting his Twitter comments about Harrison?

Well, Pat “Vacation Man” Yasinskas, NFC South beat writer for BSPN.com, is keeping the Harrison chatter alive. He likes the odds of Harrison coming to Tampa, so he wrote in his NFC South chat this afternoon.

Jason (In Tampa)

Pat, there have been consistent reports of the Bucs looking for a high profile receiver. Holt was talked about, Burress we are following. I was wondering about maybe getting Matt Jones since we are not overly concerned with character in T-Town (i’m not anyways). Your thoughts??

Pat Yasinskas

Nice ideas, but I don’t think so. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Keep an eye on Marvin Harrison. I’m not saying anything is going on yet, but keep an eye on that.

With all this recent talk of adding a quality wide receiver, Joe just can’t help continuing to wonder how down on Michael Clayton’s receiving skills the Bucs brass might be.

3 Responses to “Drum Keeps Beating For Marvin Harrison”

  1. Travis Says:

    I dont think they are down on Michael Clayton’s receiving skills if they bring in Marvin Harrison. He is more of a slot WR now. And if they dont care about Buress’ character issues why not bring him in. He is a top 5 WR in the NFL. If anything i would wonder if they are down on WR’s 3-7 or however many they have atm.

  2. Sgt Mike Says:

    I don’t know but I think theres more upside with either Matt Jones or Plexiglass B. if they can both stay out of jail. Maybe we get a deal on one of these players trying to resurrect a promising career. We can say it’s not possible but try to remember we gave Bryant a chance and he had had about 4 chances prior. So there is always a chance that you can bring in one or even both of these shit bags and see which one wants to prove they are top notch players. The only drawback is the pending litigation and impending NFL suspension. I really don’t think either will do major jail time.

  3. Sgt Mike Says:

    Incentive based contracts only!!!