Sgt. Winslow Speaks

May 10th, 2009

 Bucs tight end Sgt. Winslow took time from his Sunday morning to speak with Sporting News Radio’s Rob Buska. Among the things Sgt. Winslow discussed was that he has yet to meet Bucs bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman, he likes defense more than offense and that he has a nice golf swing.

Rob Buska: (Asking about the change of scenery and if he is ready for football).

Sgt. Winslow: I love coach Morris and I love my teammates. I feel very at home [in Tampa]. I’ve got the warm weather and my wife and I can’t ask for anything more. I’m not in San Diego training. I’m ready.

RB: For a tight end or even a receiver, how much does playing in warm weather mean to you? 

KW: It’s easier on your joints. You feel better during the season. I’ll be happy to be back in the warm weather.

RB: What is going on with the quarterback position in Tampa Bay? You’ve never had that go-to guy to throw to you. What have you heard?

KW: I know a lot about Luke McCown. We came into Cleveland together, 2004. I know him and I know what he’s about. I know him well. Then we have Josh Freeman and Josh Johnson and they will compete for the starting job. It’s going to be exciting. My job is to catch the ball whoever is throwing it.

RB: The Bucs can’t be serious that Freeman will get a shot?

KW: I haven’t even met him yet. I don’t know where his head is yet. I’m sure he is a good kid and will work hard. The coaches will do a good job with him.

RB: What have you leaned in being an NFL player and how to get better?

KW: You really have to take care of your body in the offseason and during the season. Training camp is hard on you and then you have four preseason games. Those are hard on you. So you have to take care of your body before you go to training camp and then take care of your body through the season for the playoffs, which I’ve never been too.

RB: What does your father [Hall of Fame tight end Kellen Winslow, Sr.] mean to you?

KW: My dad is my dad. He is the smartest person I know. He is just, I can’t put it into words what I feel about him. I would die for my dad. I don’t view him as a football player but I learned from him. He’s hard on me and he should be. I can’t say enough about my dad.

RB: [Raheem the Dream] is closer to you as an older brother than your dad.

KW: From the little bit I have seen of him I can tell how the players will respond. They love this guy. He’s a player’s coach. it’s not where he is lenient at all. But he is cool and is willing to get the job done. I can’t wait to see how he leads us this season.

RB: Is this like a new life for you being with the Buccaneers?

KW: Yes. It’s a second chance for me. Everything didn’t go as planned in Cleveland. I had my ups and downs. But that’s how it goes. This is my second chance and I am real excited.

RB: You’re going to be going head-to-head now with [future] Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez now that he’s with Atlanta. Tell us about him, what if anything have you learned from him?

KW: He uses his body so well. He plays basketball and he uses his body away from the ball. 

RB: What do you have to work on?

KW: I have to work on everything. I’m still learning and still growing. I have to work on everything. I have to train hard and continue to train hard. I’d say I have to work on everything. 

RB: What can we expect from the Bucs?

KW: I believe defense wins championships. I know we are a real fast defense. I am defensive-minded even though I play on offense. I really want our defense to be fast, physical and hit you in the mouth. You can get into the playoffs and win a Super Bowl with a good defense. Defense wins championships. That’s how you win a Super Bowl. I am excited to see those guys on the ball.

RB: With Manny Ramirez getting busted for using an illegal substance and saying it was prescribed by his doctor, how careful are you with what doctors give you?

KW: It’s hard to believe but the NFL gives us a list of what we cannot take. So there is stuff you can buy over the counter that is banned. You have to take it with a grain of salt. There are so many things banned now. You better off not to take anything and to train hard. But you have to take care of your body. You do have trainers who can help you and who you can ask. There are a number of times I have taken a supplement and asked a trainer if it was OK and was told, no.

RB: Is the NFL a year-round job or do you shut it down for a month?

KW: I do shut it down for a month after the season and then its right back to work. I play golf, basketball, something to move around and keep active. Then I’m running routes and lifting. It’s really a year-round thing but I do take some time off.

RB: Are you a better tight end or golfer?

KW: (laughs) I’m definitely a better tight end. I’m probably a 92-handicap. I’m not great at all. But I do have a nice swing.

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